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Here is a Custom Loading Music Tutorial.


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Here is a short tutorial on giving your level custom loading music. I decided to do this after trying to piece together what to do from half a dozen seperate threads, looking to make it all work, it took me a bit of time.

Here it is. This works for regular bf2 maps, and will also work for mods.

Tools Needed:

BF2_Sound_Tools.zip (Hosted by [eod]RoadRunner). There is a very specific file type used for the .ogg files for BF2, this is the only thing easily avalible that will encode the file properly. If a file is not encoded properly, it simply will not work and the load music will be silent.



A sound editor to save your original sound to a Wav File. I use audacity for this, a very powerfull and well featured sound editing suite, yet it is completely freeware.



1) Download the tools, install Audacity and extract the BF2_sound_Tools.

2) Downloadget your basic sound. It can be in any format your sound editor can edit and re-format, but MP3 is pretty easy. It should probably be about 3 minutes long.

3) Open your Mp3Original file in your sound editor (I am using audacity). Edit it if required.

ExportSave as a 44100 16bit WAV file. Audacity automatically exports WAV Files in this format. A good name would be "Map_Load_Music" or something similar.

4) Place this in the BF2_sound_tools folder.

5) Drag the sound file over the OGGENC file. It will create a Ogg file with the correct settings for BF2 usage.


6) Create a Music folder in your Map folder eg X:BF2modsbf2LevelsYour_New_MapMusic


7) CopyMove the ogg file created that is in the bf2_sound_tools folder to inside the music folder.

8} Open You_New_Map.DESC file inside the info folder for your map eg: X:BF2modsbf2LevelsYour_New_MapInfo

MAKE SURE YOU USE NOTEPAD. If you use Word or something else you will almost certainly ruin your info file.

9) Change common/sound/menu/music/load_MEC_music.ogg to levels/Your_New_Map/music/Map_Load_Music.ogg

There is a space after and before the music tags, so just replace the actual writing only.


That should be it.

If it does not work, but you have followed the tutorial and used the correct tools, the most likey problem is you have typed the wrong location in the info.desc file.

If you remember not to delete the folder before you pack your map, it will be added to the client.zip and will work after the map is packed.

One final thing:

There are people interested in copyrights *cough*RIAA*cough* try not to anger them. I know that especially in Australia, where the main players are offshoots/departments of big corporationsISP, many will not add a map to a server if it has copyrighted music.

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Excellent work :D I'm very new to map map making and all the info I've found here so far is extrodinary. I havent had to ask a question yet.... hope it stays that way, again great work on this fast, easy, and effective. keep up the great work on tuts everyone else too, its greatly appreciated.

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Just out of curiosity, what is this so special format of .ogg BF2 needs?

It isnt a special format, it just doesnt recognize anything except that version of the .OGG encoder. I have no idea why, it might be a # that the encoder imprints into the file, but I have tried the current OGG codec from several different sources, and it just wont work.

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The .ogg format is a small format compared to an .mp3 counterpart. I've found .ogg files tend to be half as large as their mp3 version, I thus hypothesize that EA Games and many other producers use .ogg for its light load to ease on the huge files they install on our PCs nowadays.

Of course, the simple explanation is that .ogg isnt a copyrighted format, they don;t have to pay royalties for every copy they sell.

Occam's Razor- the simplest explanation is often true.

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If I could give you 100 bucks for this tuttorial, then f***, for sure I would, for making this great tutorial for beginners.

Now I can finally translate the dam language - English to Afrikaans!

Thank you very much for your effort.


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