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Updated standalone .zip and menu atlas packing tool


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I've updated tools I use for packing .zip files and menu atlases. This is an alternative to having to start up the editor, it also gives you more control as to what goes in the .zip files and how much compression is used.

The latest build is the file named _BF2_Pack_v03.zip, you can find it at this URL:


Version 3 fixes a crash that was in version 2 (a pointer wasn't reset to 0 after closing the .zip file which caused the crash to appear randomly and only during certain instances).

Note that this tool assumes you are the more advanced type of modder with techical skills, or atleast willing to learn quickly.

How to use it:

1) Extract the .zip file to a mod's folder

2) Browse to the _BF2_Packpack folder and you will find the .bat scripts that you can double click to pack archives.

3) If you don't know what a .bat or .cmd script does, right click the file and choose "edit" or open with notepad. The scripts are plain-text and easily editable. I can also help explain what script functions do in this topic if anything is unclear.

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TheFlyingCorpse' date='Aug 10 2006, 07:45 PM' post='47020']

Rexman, sorry to take this up so late, but my AVG points out that the Pack_Menu.exe file is a virus. So to use that script, disable your AntiVirus ;)

Perhaps it shares abit of code that is used in a virus...Mabye it is accedentaly thinking that it is some Spyware program or somthing, I don't know I decompiled it and nothing seemed out-of-place... :)

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thanks ill put those in there

i followed the tutorial but my map did not end up being painted by the three layers, i thougth id set up instead it was just painted with sand and even that was not a total overlay the grey and white boxes were still visible and the rock and grass layers where not but the sand was partially vissable aswell as the grey and white checks through the whole map.


also my terrain is put together with two isoselese triangles that dont have the same hieght where they join and one of the triangles tends to reach up in the air at the out side edge of the level

the detail that gets set to 2/ 1/ 1/ what are they doing.

and the top tiling values of 5/8 are ? what do they dictate

and what does plane map mean.

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