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o2car]This is made within the detaillayers. Just make sure the detailtexture has an alpha-channel, select waterpuddlematerial(for the right sounds and effects to trigger) and click the checkbox for environmental mapping.

True, however [dice]o2car forgot to mention that the compile Envmaps in the editor is bunk, well at lest in my version. Basically I'm beliving that it's supposed to create the EnvMap.dds and the EnvironmentMapInfo.emi and dump it in the map folder or somewhere in the editors folders unfortunately it does'nt.

Here's what to do to get them working:

Open up any level, extract from both server and client zips the Envmaps folder into your_maps folder. Open up the EnvironmentMapInfo.emi in notepad and change the map name to correspond to your maps name:

# EnvironmentMapInformation file Levels/Zatar_Wetlands/Envmaps/EnvironmentMapInfo.emi # Version 0. Nov 18 2004 # EnvMap0 -78,58,-220,1

# EnvironmentMapInformation file Levels/Your_Map/Envmaps/EnvironmentMapInfo.emi # Version 0. Nov 18 2004 # EnvMap0 -78,58,-220,1

Manually pack your map putting the Envmap folder with the .dds in the client and vice versa for the .emi, or use the editor to pack if your feeling adventurous.

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