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Tips For Making Professional Looking Map LoadingScreens?


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Just wondering if anyone has an tips on making professional-looking map loading screens like the ones done by DICE for the maps?

- Best way to get a quality shot of your map?

- Best way to remove the checkpoint labels from the shot?

- How do you get those thick red combat zone lines around your map... they always seem to come out really tiny and thin on custom maps

BlackJack seemed to make some really good loading screens for his map:


Any tips would be handy.

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If you're talking about the black and white images in the background while the map loads, here's what I do:

-using the editor, set the starting camera view to the spot you want to take the shot

-when the map is loaded in game, drop the console (`) and type "renderrer.drawHud 0" to remove the HUD

-take a screenshot with the Print Screen button or whatever you have assigned

-find the shot in "MyDocumentsBattlefield 2Screenshots" and open the .PNG version with Photoshop

-go to "Image" drop menu, go to "Mode", and check "Grayscale" to make it black and white

-then change the size to 800x600 and save it as "loadmap.png" in the "Info" folder in your map folder

Sorry for the details... Hope it helps.

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When you say that you want no labels on your map, I take it you don't want the minimap, writing, cross hairs, etc:... Then playing the bf2 recorder and then taking screen shots will make that all disappear (apart from the players name).

I have copied a rather large tutorial on the recorder (this includes effects and so on...)

First of all you must know all off the keys necessary to use this Recorder.  

Q – opens the Playback Rose. Move the mouse to highlight the desired playback option and press the Left Mouse Button to select. Options available here that are not bound to separate keys include "Restart" and "Quit".  

T – opens the Camera Rose. Choose the camera option or cycle through the available players.  

1 – Pause the playback (also available in the Playback Rose).  

2 – Playback recorded session at normal speed (also available in the Playback Rose).  

3 – Playback recorded session at 5% of normal speed (also available in the Playback Rose).  

4 – Playback recorded session at 25% of normal speed (also available in the Playback Rose).  

5 – Playback recorded session at 50% of normal speed (also available in the Playback Rose).  

6 – Playback recorded session at normal speed (also available in the Playback Rose).  

7 – Playback recorded session at 150% of normal speed (also available in the Playback Rose).  

8 – Playback recorded session at 300% of normal speed (also available in the Playback Rose).  

Spacebar – cycle between players.  

Right Mouse Button – cycle between free camera and player camera.  

Mouse wheel – zoom camera in and out when locked onto a player.  

W, A, S, D, Ctrl and Shift – move free camera around map, forward, left, backwards, right, down and up.  

Mouse look – aim free camera.  

This step allows you to record your camera movements in the game.  

1.Download ftp://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/misc/demo.cmd and place this in both of these folders.  

C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2 Demo  

C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2 Demomodsbf2  

2.Create a demos folder in the following location.  

C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2 Demomodsbf2  

3.Place all the demos that you wish to render into this folder. Your demos can be found in the following location.  

C:Documents and Settings"yourname"My DocumentsBattlefield 2 DemoProfilesDefaultdemos  

(I recommend rendering one demo file at a time so that its less confusing)  

4. Open your command prompt. (This can be done by pressing start, run, and typing cmd. You may also be able to find your command prompt in your windows accessories folder.)  

5.In your command prompt, type the directory to your BF2 Demo.  

Example: cd c:program filesEA GamesBattlefield 2 Demo  

6.Now a line of text should appear that states yoru BF2 Directory.  

Example: C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2 Demo>  

Type in the following command: demo.cmd +c "name of demo"  

Example: demo.cmd +c demo8  

Your game will start up and you should also recieve a message in your command prompt that states: Playing back demo and recording camera...  

After you get past your game loading screen, you will enter a loading game screen. Once the game is done loading, click join game. You are now in your video. Any movements of the camera that you make now are being recorded.  

It is STRONGLY recommended that you continure recording until the video ends. My video froze at the end and i pressed control+alt+delete and closed Battlefield out and my video works fine. Just be carefull on this step.  

Playing back your video with the pre-recorded camera movements  

1.In your C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2 Demomodsbf2demos folder you will now find a BF2CAM file. This file is your video with the pre-recorded camera movements.  

2.Now go back to your Command Prompt and type in the following:  

demo.cmd "name of demo" "name of cam file" -def  

Example: demo.cmd demo8 mydemocam -def  

Your game will once again start up and bring you to a game loading screen. Click join game and you will begin watching your pre-recorded camera movements. Your command prompt should also read: Playing back demo with recorded camera...  

I do not know how necessary this step is however it is helpfull in finding out how your camera movements look once they are all put together.  

Converting to AVI  

1. In your command prompt type the following command:  

demo.cmd +r "name of demo" "name of cam file"  

Example: demo.cmd +r demo8 mydemocam  

Your game will once again open. Just do as you did in the previous steps. Your command prompt will also read: Rending AVI...  

2.Once the game loading bar is complete press ALT+TAB to minimize the game. A small box will have appeared. This is your choice of encoders. It is recommended that you use the DivX encoder. Click your choice, than press ok.  

3.Open the game window back up (it should be minimized at the bottom of your screen) and click join game.  

NOTE: You MUST leave the game and the video running on your screen until the video is over. If you minimize your game and try to bring your window back up during this encoding process, your game will close out and your AVI file will be corrupt.  

4.If you choose to stop rendering before the end of the demo, press R.  

Adding Sound  

Your AVI file will not have sound in it. This step will help you to create a sound file to add to your video.  

1.Type in the following command in your command prompt  

demo.cmd +s "name of demo file" "name of cam file"  

Example: demo.cmd +s demo8 mydemocam  

Your game will once again load. Just do as you did in the previous steps. However, once you click join game, no video will play. You will begin to hear sound from your video.  

*I have yet to complete this step. What I have considered doing is recorind the sound with fraps, than using fraps to create sound file. I may then be able to combine the sound and the AVI file in a video editting program such as Video Edit Magic.

Hope this helps...And if that confuses some people... Then here is my own tiny tut on using the recorder...

:go into the game and go to your level.

:In the middle of the game... Bring down the console and Write demo.recordDemo *put anything in*

:Enter and it should say recording demo... If it does not record Copy step 2 again.

:Then when it is recording, do what you want for like 5 min or so...

:End recording by bring the console down again and write... demo.stopRecording.

:Quit and go to... Start/my computer/(c/:/program files/EA games/Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/Demos/Then then should be a file with the name you called your demo and copy it to... my documents/battlefield 2/profiles/default/demos/PASTE.

PS: If you don't have a demos folder, then make one.

:Then go back into the game and in the main menu go to community. And on the top right there should be a file with your demo name on it... Activate it and play...

:Then wait for it to load, join the game and you will be inside your level... Note:That you might see a little miniture man running around (that is you).

:Find a bit in the map you would like to take a screenshot and then take the screen shot...

You are now done! your picture will have no minimap, writing etc,,, what so ever.

HOPE THIS HELPS. Sorry for the long read lol...

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