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psd file for making menumap

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i know somewere here in forum was a link to a *.psd file for making the menumap in original style.

i had this file, but i lost it and now i cant find the post where the link is.

can anybody help me?

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the menumap is a .png... just name your menumap.png file the same as the stock one and drop it in the info folder and overwrite it... CB

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I know this post is ancient but i'm still looking for it. All the links i found so far is down. If anyone still have it, can upload it?

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are you looking for a way to create minimaps? We use vBF2 style & BF2142 style info map generator V1.1 by worldlife(worldlife123).




vBF2 style & BF2142 style info map generator V1.1 by worldlife(worldlife123)

This is a simple tool to generate vBF2 style and BF2142 style info images for your customized levels. The source code is visible and you're free to use and modify it. I've also created a repository on github(https://github.com/worldlife123/bf2-infomap-generator), so feel free to report an issue/create a pull request if you find some bug/made some changes.

Python 2.7.13 (https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2713/)
Pillow (https://github.com/python-pillow/Pillow)

1. Install [python 2.7.13](https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2713/) first. After installing python, you can run install_pillow.bat to install pillow via pip.  
2. Create a new folder "infomap" into your mod's python folder, and copy everything into this folder. Note that this tool is not loaded in game, so after infomap generation you can delete the folder.   

Run generateInfomaps.py with python.exe, or use run.bat. It will list all maps in your mod. Type a map name to generate info map for it, or Type "all" to generate for all maps.
For BF2142, run generateInfomaps_2142.py with python.exe, or use run_2142.bat.
Requirement for levels: The levels must be unzipped(that's to say, can be loaded in BF2Editor).The info ,Hud and Gamemodes folder must be present, as well as Init.con and Heightdata.con.

1.Add a team to generate infomap flags.
I've included all vBF2 and xpack teams in this tool. If you have custom team in the map, do the following:
(1)In maps\flags, create a folder whose name is your custom team name.
(2)Create a miniMap_CP.tga in this folder with your team's flag. A .psd template(created in Adobe Photoshop CS6) is provided inside maps\flags. You can use this as a reference.
(3)Run the tool.
For BF2142, look into maps\flags_2142.  

2.Use a custom cover to the infomap(such as a grid or your logo).
In maps\areas, modify or replace a cover.dds. This image would be pasted on top of the generated info maps.
For BF2142, look into maps\areas_2142.  

3.Use custom combat area.
Similar to 2. Just modify or replace CombatArea.dds in maps\areas.

NVIDIA - for nvdxt.exe
fire&bf2tech.org - for conParser.py
Dnamro - for testing this tool



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You have to follow the instructions, I struggled the first time but after following everything step by step it was easy, You do have to unpack the map you want to make minimaps for though, So don't forget that part,

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