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I read a post in the BF2 Editor forums that pointed to a download site where someone had created a set of images for all the level "objects", so I uploaded them to a spare website of mine using "coppermine" photo gallery.

I made the site primarily for myself, so I could easily access, search, and reference level objects for a map I am trying to make. After setting it up, I thought maybe someone else might use it as well.

Here is the link...


I do not know the name of the person who made all of these images, but maybe my site will extend his efforts a further.


P.S. I am still working on a few items in the catelog, but it is mostly complete.

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Coppermine critical error:

Unable to connect to database !

MySQL said: Access denied for user: 'armorycl_gator@localhost' (Using password: YES)

Fixed. :D

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