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EDIT: BF2Ecomap version 0.21 available.

Fixes: Division by zero error when loading a black (empty) heighfield. Thanks to CheetahShrk for reporting the bug.

Version 0.2 Improvements:

  • - At least 30% faster rendering

- Much better quality of the final texture

- Memory usage has been decreased by 50% for the final render

- No more need to enter manually the scale. The program imports the scale settings from the BF2 level

- The scale is now displayed in the main window.

- Added support for the surround terrain

- Bug fixes ...





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[From original thread ]http://bfeditor.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=30943#30943]

I'm very excited about this tool, as it gives feedback similar to Terragen terrain texturing (without the $100 pricetag)...

But I'm having some trouble getting good templates to match my heightmap.

Does anyone have any templates using this tool that they might be able to post?

Example (RULE EDITOR):


--Height Range

----Min: 0



----Min: 0



--Height Range

----Min: 0



----Min: 35


If anyone could post what they've successfully used (I'm using the default 164m mapheight in BF2editor), I'd appreciate it.


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ok I think Im in over my head here, I have no idea on how to work this, the tutorial you linked to doesnt help me out any :unsure:

To add/edit a Color/Detail Material, click the corresponding Material Editor button

what do you mean? what does anyof this do?

Every Material must have a Name, Rule and Texture (for now the detail material does not have one).

what? A name? what do I call it? and what rule? how am I supposed to know what it is

a video tutorial would be mch appreciated

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Im in the same boat as you I downloaded this ecellent looking tool and despite how simple it appears I just couldnt get it too work. It has been ages since I last tried but If someone could whip up at video tutorial it might be some encouragement to try again.

what problems are you having with it?

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Hi guys. I have been away for a while. Sorry for the lack of support.

About the detail texture. The browse button does not work in the detail material editor. This is a limitation of the program. I thought i had disabled the texture view and the browse button, to avoid the confusion, but apparently it's not in the online version.

BF2Ecomap does not support detail texture choice, because it's not actually needed for the generation of the detail texture maps (the color coded map). I would have involved modifying the bf2editor project files, to save the changes. For now BF2ecomap just saves it's own project files and generates the color and detail map textures.

Just remember add 6 or less detail materials in BF2ecomap. In BF2Editor you can assign the actual detail textures that you want the BF2 engine to display. Detail texture #1 will show on the places where detail material #1 from bf2ecomap shows.

I know, it's confusing ... i will try to make it better ... i just lack the time ...

If you want some thing to be added to the program or just have a question, it's now the time to ask ... who knows when will be the next time you see me ;)

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I've tested now the great capabilities of Ecomap and after getting the idea behind the rules and layers i start to like it :D Great job !

My question: Is it possible to determine the sequence of layers in advance ? E.g. i want to have the slopes on layer 1 , the flats on layer 2 and the heights on layer 3. How can i achieve that ? Or is there another way to change them afterwards ?

For now i have to guess what goes where when opening my 'ecomapped' map in the editor.

Ow, and what does the 'linear blend' box do ? what kind of blend is used if i don't check that box ? I have created the rules so that the layers slightly 'overlap' but i can't seem to find a difference between 'linear blend' and 'nonlinear blend' (or what ever an unchecked box means :P )

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