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1.2 Patch (&debug, yup)


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Yay its out, woohoo, new stuff and fixes.

Well now for intersting stuff, the debugger.

As usualy it wont work like it should (like e-Gor noticed somewhere else).

Luckily its easy to fix and for the lazy ppl you can dld my file to fix it, kinda.


(yup again rapidshare, I have no other option)

Anyhoo, unzip/unrar in the mods folder. I think that if you have stuff in XPack/BF2 that this zip has too you need to overwrite. Also, i renamed shaders_client.zip to something else so I was sure the bf2_r would read my folder and not the zipfile, so you know.

What I did: Changed the unrecognised compiletype to something it DOES know (the 1st one i could find). Some find/replace later and this is what you have. Compare the files if you are curious, i ripped out the bf2 original and altered em.

Now off you go.

EDit: I altered the include paths so you dont need that extra XPack folder. Its now jsut Shaders_client.zip you have to download. Make a backup of the original one and use this one instead. If you wnat to make it easy write a batch file using xcopy orso.

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Works great, thanks :)

Just for confirmation though, you do need to rename the shaders_client.zip. Also it seems to want the xpack shaders there even if you don't have it installed.

If you want, I can put it up on the mod webspace so people don't have to wait to download from rapidshare.

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Um yes I used to be able to use the debug without a shader fix... now even with the shader fix it is not working... lots of missing shaders etc etc...

This 1.2 patch is killing my mapping inspiriation here... I hope the game play is better cuz I think I might have to stop mapping and go back to playing!

Any and all help appreciated

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I copied the bf2 and xp1 folders from your rar to the mods directory and overwrote the files as it asked... I didnt see the shaders_client.zip anywhere, but I will look more closely next time

This was the latest version of BF2 however as in 1.2 if I can keep all their numbers straight. Strangely it worked in 1.12 for me no worries... even without any shader fix!

Will your fix work with the 1.2 patch?

I got annoyed after 5 reinstalls and have now just deleted everything, but I am downloading the full patch now so I don't have to screw around with incremental patches and then a Stupid Forces that downgrades me back to 1.1 again so that none of the other patches recognize that anything is installed and needs updating (yes I lost some hair today) AND when that is downloaded and I have gotten a good nights sleep I will reinstall everything again and try again and THEN I suspect you will be getting your screenshots...

Cheers mate - KING

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You "installed" it incorrectly, you MUST change the name of Shaders_Cient (and it _has_ to be in mods/bf2, else the game cant run). The errors you placed in the last post seem to derive from shader files that are extracted from the zipfile, as my Nametags.fx has no reference to LOWPSMODEL on line 337 :P par example.

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Hey Harry... I did install it correctly and I did change the names, but no worries... I did a search for the missing files and they were in the xpack zips which I had changed to shaders_client deletethistag.zip

So I just unpacked the entire xpack shaders into the xpack shaders folder and bingo I was good to go... Out of curiousity I deleted all of your fixed shaders out of the bf2 folder and unpacked those as well... but that was a no go...

So for the debugger to work for 1.2 it seems you need put in your fixed shaders and the xpack shaders as well AND to rename the zips (at least the bf2 zip... it actually worked without renaming the xpack zip for me, but to be on the safe side rename em both)

Maybe that is what that post earlier on meant that said it seems it needs the xpack shaders too... just didnt know what he was talking about then...

So in any case that is how you get the debugger working. I also recommend making a link and puttin in the + fullscreen 0 tag cuz you will still get a fair share of errors with the debugger and you can just keep saying ignore and it will work... the UAV and all the tweaks they made do indeed TWEAK with you when loading a map, so expect a lot of errors...

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Just a post note here... I tried to start a game of strike at karkland and I got kicked out for an error similar to the ones that the debugger would give... matter of fact I didnt screen shot it but the error message was probably from you Harry as it said something like please sync your shader files before you contact your local programmer... In any case to get the normal game to work I had to change my shader_client.zip in the bfd folder back to the default name.

I guess that means you have to change the name back and forth depending on if you want to play or debug...

Hope this helps...

Cheers - KING

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Well that error usually happens when absolutely no shader file is present, so both the folder and the zipfile cant be read for some reason

(btw prob. that "Please _DO_ check your workingdirectory AND ...").

Also, you cannot play online w/ the shader files, you have to rename both the shaders folder in mods/bf2 aswell as mods/xpack, for some stupid reason it actually checks the content of xpack too, altough that is something for xpack itself and not bf2

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Aargh, thread hijacked ! Well , but it bumps it up :D

The debugger (bf2_r.exe) is an extended build of the game's EXE, has additional code for writing a detailed logfile, many more console commands enabled and issues error messages about any poep it finds while loading and running.

An up-to-date build of the debugger is a valuable help in tracing all kinds of obscure errors.

And no, it won't comb the cat :P

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