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Choppergirl's $99 1985 Chotia Weedhopper.. "Alice"

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Alice, my second plane project...   bought for $99... !

The Bad: 
I destroyed just about every wing rib getting it home, from the 
vibration on the trailer and having the wings stacked with no
stand off board between them...   arg!  Stupid monkey moment.

Would have to take apart the wing and build a jig to build 6-8
new wing ribs anyway... so... now I have to do 24... so not
like its a big deal, I just created work for myself, and it looks
more pitiful and less like a real nice wing
The Good:
Two mint condition, never used or run, Chotia 460 engines!
The packing newspaper in the box says December 1984 
from Dallas.   

Thread about it:

Surprisingly, I'd say about 70% complete plane, for $99, not

bad.   Missing prop, exhaust pipes, carbs (he sold the carbs),
gas tank, and I'm sure odds and ends... and of course, new
wing ribs I need to make and cover the wings...  
and then rig up all the wires... which it looks like I got most of them.










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