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AIX Spawn Error

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I am trying to test my jungle map in AIX2 and I am getting a strange error in COOP/Singleplayer only. It loads fine in conquest. The map loads to the spawn screen, but when I click spawn I get this error and then CTD.



The map loads and plays fine in SP in every other mod. All order positions and spawn points are green and "on the navmesh". The map has no vehicles. The soldiers/kits/weapons are all vanilla "US vs CH". The map loads no content from AIX. Does anybody know what could be wrong? Help is always appreciated, thanks.

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1 hour ago, Coronaextra said:

Thanks, that did the trick. I checked the kits but I guess I missed it lol.

It has nothing to do with the kits

AIX uses 7 different soldier classes,in an attempt to customize each classes AI behaviour

These 7 differently named soldier classes (same as their respective kit (in most cases) ,but with _soldier at the end) call for their own soldier AITemplate code

AI,AIX and AIX2 have their own Soldiers/Common/ai/Objects.ai file,containing each of their 7 classes AI templates

When you load a BF2 map in AI,AIX or AIX2,the game will call for the default soldier AI template,which is


rem *** AITemplate ***
aiTemplate.create Soldier


Even though this information is found in the BF2 files (which are all loaded secondly by AI,AIX or AIX2) ,the game will only load the first instance of a called for named file (Objects.ai)

Resulting in your above CTD error message

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