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[RESOLVED] Making Maps work in BOMSF

Daniel S

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I love BOMSF.  Love it.  Mainly because of the upgraded weapons.  I almost always choose Anti-Tank because the rifle with scope is great and I love to be able to take out choppers and tanks with the rockets.  I also love that I can sprint without getting tired.   

Here's where I need help.   I want to be able to play other maps from other mods with these benefits.  I figured I have a choice between two approaches. 

1) figure out how to cut/paste weapons from BOMSF into the other mod or

2) Figure out how to edit the other mod's maps so they work in BOMSF. 


Any advice on which approach would work best.  Thanks so much!


I will note before anyone wants to start quoting rules and such (I ran into a real butt in another forum)....that I wish to do this only for my own personal use and enjoyment.  I play singleplayer maps only and never play on servers, etc.  PERSONAL USE.

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to many variables but as a start take an init.con from one map and compare it to another, soldiers and kits should match, hopefully new maps don't use custom content!

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  • Daniel S changed the title to [RESOLVED] Making Maps work in BOMSF

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