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Autumn is coming to

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Autumn is coming to the winter, and the vibrant forest has become so quiet. The "singer" frog went to hibernate; the "living elf" squirrel ate the pine cones in the tree hole; the bear tiger too "the tiger's back" was also doing a shy and delicious dream... and the fox was cheated What about the meat crow? She is frowning for the sake of doing a nest!hing is this: it is the autumn of the sky. It was a night of lightning, thunder, and wind and rain. The whistling wind blew a crow's nest out of a big hole Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping. The crow had originally wanted to "when the monk hit a day," but the weather was getting colder and the crow had to worry about the nest Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj.ter thinking through racking his brains, it decided to let the neighbor Miss Sparrow come to help. she opened her wings and thumped a few times and flew to the small and delicate Miss Sparrow's house. She knocked on the door of Miss Sparrow and waited for a long time, but she did not see a half-personal shadow. The crow looked out from the window next to it, only to see that it was empty, and people had already gone to the sky. At this time, the crow suddenly remembered that Miss Sparrow had already moved away. Forgot to tell everyone that the crow is a "forgetful mania." On this day, the crowly the next morning, the crow flew deep into the forest. Before she fell asleep last night, she thought of her distant relatives, the clever Mr. Parrot. When I came to Mr. Parrot's house, I found that their family's situation was more unsightly than their own situation. I am too embarrassed to ask them to help again.ght, the weather was surprisingly cold. The crow stood at the door of the house and hoped that someone could find someone to fix the nest tomorrow. She fantasized about the scene of the repair of the nest, and she could not help but open the flowers. But at this time, the original breezy, but now it has become a biting cold wind, so that the crow can not help but shudder. After a while, the snow began, and the snow and snow mixed, causing the crow's legs to tremble, and the two touched together to make a "squeaky" sound. When the crow rushed to death not far from her, she closed her desperate eyes.the third day, when I woke up, the crow found that she was not dead Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. She quickly turned over the white snow, found the branches, and filled the holes.gh the crow is not dead, she understands that one person should not always count on outsiders. It is the most convenient and effective to rely on himself! Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest, the branches were lush Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, lush and full of life, and each tree was like a giant fan. Here is a bird's paradise, each tree has dozens of bird's nests.ay, the eagle king announced to the birds: There is a hunter in our forest. He lives in the log cabin at the foot of the mountain. After that, everyone shouldxt day, the hunter went up the mountain. The eagle king flew in front of the hunter and said to him: "You can't kill us, or you humans will regret it." The hunter seems to believe in unbelief, but still raises his gun to the eagle king Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery. The eagle king who fell in the pool of blood sighed deeply: "Oh..." From then on, the forest was in chaos. Du Fu said: "We are sitting here waiting to die, it is better to fight with the hunter." "Yes!" Everyone replied in unison.e birds organized a team called "The Hunting Death Squad", and even the little sparrows participated. As soon as the hunter went up the mountain, the death squad rushed out and smashed enough. But human beings are powerful after all. After a few days, this death squad has all fallen into the hunter's stomach. One night, the hunter suddenly heard a squeaky voice in the mountain. He took the shotgun and went to the mountain to see it. When he went up the mountain, he saw the dark worm crawling up from nter quickly brought a group of birds from the south and put them back into the forest. Since then, the forest has returned to its original state. The hunter not only did not catch birds, but also started to be friends with the birds. The hunter planted the land and the bird helped him to remove the pests. The hunter divides the food every morning next to each bird's nest.

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