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Groundhemi doesn't line up with in-game shadows

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This may have to do with the fact my mapsize is 256, because I've not had this issue before. but the Groundhemi.dds' shadow map doesn't line up with the shadows ingame. Not a little bit either, because I can't even tell if its shifted to the left or right or whatever because the shadows casted onto the player/vehicles are completely random patterns.


here is my sky.con


Lightmanager.skycolor 0.517647/0.54902/0.690196
Lightmanager.ambientcolor 0.945098/0.690196/0.411765
Lightmanager.sunColor 1.88235/1.24706/0.682353
Lightmanager.sunSpecColor 0.913726/0.905882/0.854902
if v_arg1 == BF2Editor
LightSettings.TerrainSunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56
LightSettings.TerrainSkyColor 0.58/0.55/0.66
LightmapSettings.waterSunIntensity 0.8
terrain.sunColor 1.90/1.14/0.56
terrain.GIColor 0.58/0.55/0.66
terrain.waterSunIntensity 0.8
Lightmanager.staticSunColor 0.60/0.30/0.09
Lightmanager.staticSpecularColor 0.91/0.89/0.85
Lightmanager.staticSkyColor 0.18/0.18/0.24
Lightmanager.singlePointColor 0.30/0.30/0.30
Lightmanager.sunDirection 0.819795/-0.409898/0.3999
Lightmanager.enableSun 1
Lightmanager.effectSunColor 0.97/0.75/0.45
Lightmanager.effectShadowColor 0.49/0.49/0.49
Lightmanager.defaultEffectLightAffectionFactor 1
Lightmanager.hemilerpbias 1
hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 2048.000000 500.000000
Lightmanager.treeAmbientColor 0.84/0.31/0.49
Lightmanager.treeSunColor 0.81/0.18/0.45
Lightmanager.treeSkyColor 0.80/0.34/0.48
Lightmanager.treeShadowColor 0.80/0.34/0.48
Lightmanager.treeAmbientColorLow 0.80/0.34/0.48

if v_arg1 == BF2Editor
run /Common/Sky/SkyDome/skydomeMayhem.con
run /Common/Sky/Flare/flaresprite.con

Skydome.skyTemplate skydomeMayhem
Skydome.cloudTemplate cloudlayer
Skydome.hasCloudLayer 0
Skydome.hasCloudLayer2 0
Skydome.scrolldirection 0.003/0.003
Skydome.scrolldirection2 -1/-1
Skydome.cloudTexture common\textures\cloud\Cloud03
Skydome.skyTexture common\textures\sky\MayhemSky
Skydome.domeRotation -103
Skydome.domePosition 0.00/0.00/0.00
Skydome.fadeCloudsDistances 1000/1100
Skydome.cloudLerpFactors 0.1/0.5
Skydome.flareTexture common\textures\sunflare\noflare
Skydome.flareDirection 0.82/-0.41/0.40

Renderer.fogColor 73.00/73.00/90.00
Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 200.00/380.00/0.90/0.10





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Found it


hemiMapManager.setBaseHemiMap Levels/oitsu/groundhemi 0.000000/0.000000/0.000000 512.000000 500.000000


I had to change the 2048.000000 to a 512.000000

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