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How to fix broken EAX setup


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I've had problems using the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 application with BF2. MB3 is a virtual sound card that contains a full X-Fi implementation. BF2 detects it as a full X-Fi card. On some maps everything works fine but I found on many maps the sound is just one massive mess of reverb.

However after literally YEARS of trying to find a fix for this I discovered the solution which is not mentioned ANYWHERE on this forum (I searched)...

1. The level should have this file (for example) "D:\SteamLibrary_Win10\steamapps\common\Battlefield 2\mods\aix2ex_mm\Levels\Dalian_plant\server.zip\Sounds.con". If it does not add it to the level "server.zip".


The file contains ...
rem ------------------------------- Global Reverb ------------------------------
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
sound.setReverb "common/sound/levelambients/Openlandscape.eax"
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Make sure the all important "Openlandscape.eax" is in "D:\SteamLibrary_Win10\steamapps\common\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Common_client.zip\Sound\LevelAmbients\"

That directory also contains "City.eax" which is used in maps cp_abadan, First_Battle_of_Karkand, Gulf_of_Oman, Highway_Tampa, Jibbel_City, Karkand_Stormfront, Mashtuur_City, Portland_Island, Sharqi_Peninsula.

Adding "Openlandscape.eax" (or City.eax) to the level makes sure that EAX is properly setup and everything sounds clear and dramatic, as long as you have the appropriate hardware or the "MB3" software. This is especially obvious in surround sound. I'm using Creative Super X-Fi headphones that are tuned to your ear shape and head shape and adding this file on maps where EAX was just one massive mess of reverb is immediately noticeable.

I've seen a lot of reports over the years of this "massive reverb on my map" and this is what the problem has been.

I wonder if the EAX setup (in Openlandscape.eax) can be tuned to more specific settings for whatever landscape the map has ? I guess there's some clues in City.eax.


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