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Battlefield: 1862: US Civil War Mod

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Hello, my name is Jonathan Woody, and I'm a new and inexperienced modder for Battlefield 2 with an ambition to create a historical conversion mod called Battlefield: 1862: An American Civil War mod for BF2. This mod will focus on musket line battles in some of America's most famous battlefields. I'm looking for modders to help me create this ambitious project! If you're interested in joining my team, please respond with your Discord name and I'll invite you to my Discord server. Thank you.

-Jonathan Woody

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Sounds like   a great idea. There was a mod of this type started  a long time ago, but   it  was never finished. They had created a lot of models for the mod. Maybe you could  find  a contact. if you check the mods on Mod DB you should find details of the  mod. (forgot what the name was). ah, just remembered. It was called Echoes of Glory.  you'll find details via the following link:  https://www.moddb.com/mods/echoes-of-glory


Good luck with your search for modders.   I'm thinking of  doing some mapping and navmeshing, but i've already promised my help with the Battlefield 1944 mod, and as i'm new to the  modding scene I don't think i could help as I need to concentrate on one project at a  time.


Have you asked for help over in the Battlefield singleplayer forums?


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