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need some (a lot) help

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alright so ill go straight out and say right now ive done literally nothing like making a map for a game or anything of the such but have always told myself i would, but im a lazy bastard so never actually bothered, although i am not someone who doesnt know their way around a pc or anything like that.


so i recently reinstalled bf 2 with the purpose of getting the SGLR mod (startgate) but realised all the maps and map packs are .. underwhelming? so ive decided ill actually try my hand at making a map or two myself. I've already encounter a few issues though, 

1. the bloody set up doesnt like windows 10 (fixed it)

2. the launcher is crashes the second i select SGLR  when the launcher first starts (the mapeditor launcher that is) & i have no clue what to do about that or even after that how id go about the basics of making such a map for a mod. its probs worth noting it crashes about 10 minutes after selecting the vanilla bf2 option as well probs due to the whole running in compatibility mode for service pack 2.

before the editor crashes for selecting SGLR, it spews a bunch of errors that move too fast to read but it mentions not being able to reconsign some of the files or something before just exiting.


id really appreciate any assistance here or links to relevant information about this topic in general.


im not sure how often ill check this or if ill even get a reply but it might be easier (if anyone even wants to help) to hit up my discord at zephyr#3696

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oh yeah forgot to add: im running patch 1.5, its technically a "pirated" version of the game but i literally have 2 sets of original discs in my house the issue is i didn't really think about installing games from a disc when i built my pc so my case lacks the option to have a cd drive and thus piracy was my alternative.


all the files for this are coming from a SSD i dedicated for bf2 and its mods etc too.

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i'm not a mapper as such but i have made a couple, and modified many...

what is the folder/content heirarchy you have set up for the mod?

for my own stuff i found it was MUCH simpler to have a separate version of my mod purely just for mapping + modelling

this mod contains all of the vanilla BF2 mod plus all of my own mod's files, all extracted*

* that is, no zips. e.g. all of the files from MyMod_client.zip and MyMod_server.zip would be unzipped into a folder called MyMod, keeping any subfolders intact.

the idea is that the game engine can find any file it requires right there in front of it's face to avoid any errors caused by 'cannot find file nnn'

any maps or models i'd completed got copied over to a separate playing/testing mod, for two main reasons:

the playing/testing mod didn't need to be quite so bloated as the mapping/modelling mod.

the editor can and WILL frequently bork the scripts for your exports. it's not so much a problem for mappers, but for new vehicle exports etc. the editor would frequently add unwanted code, or remove wanted code, or other skullduggery. DICE said that they used this method themselves, which is why the editor never got refined any more than the final version - they already had this technique as a workaround.

bear in mind that the editor is v1.3 so you'll need to take into account any differences that occurred between v1.3 and v1.5 - for new models there were a few things that needed adjusting, i don't know if maps had any similar pitfalls.

if this mod is purely for your own use, don't bother packing your map - they run perfectly well unpacked (i.e. no server/client zips, just plain files) and it's much easier to edit stuff on the fly without having to unzip-rezip every damn time you make a small change. 

an unpacked map is typically about 150mb compared to 50mb for a packed map, but this is 2019 and we aren't as scared of filling up our hard discs as we were back in 2005 when BF2 was new.

good luck.

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!Yo zephyr; I may be able to help you get the BF2 Editor working on you computer if you don't already have it working. However. you did not mentsion just what version of Windows or operating system you are using. If you are using Win 7,8,8.1,or 10 you will have to run it in the compatiability mode for Win Xp Sp3.

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