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[BF:A] Croupier

D-Destructable Objects for custom maps.

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TUTORIAL: D-Destruction, The Easy Way:

Follow this tutorial if you want to make a Bf2 Destructable Object Non-Destructable.

1. Extract the .con and .tweak for the destructable item.

2. Right click, properties, uncheck read only.

3. Open the .tweak in notepad and change 1 line only and save, change:

ObjectTemplate.isDestructable 1


ObjectTemplate.isDestructable 0

4. Goto Levels/Your_Map/ and drop the .con and .tweak into your server.zip

5. Open the server.zip and edit the Init.con, we want to add a run command for the .tweak only add it to both run groups like this:

run name_of_object.tweak


run name_of_object.tweak

6. Now open your StaticObjects.con and find the run command for the destroyable object. Change the path to your .tweak located in your map like:

run /Levels/your_map/name_of_object.con

7. Still in your StaticObjects.con, rem out the lines calling the destruction effect, like so:

rem run /objects/effects/damagestates/name_of_object.con

8. So in your map you've now got your .tweak and con files and you have edited your Init.con and your StaticObjects.con to call those modded files rather than the BF2 content, you are now good to go.

This in no way will effect your regular bf2 maps or game files at all, as long as you do it in a custom map.

Have fun, this method applies to all statics, adding custom weapon .tweaks is pretty similar.

Good Luck,


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I think you can skip a few parts, atleast in some cases using the .active or .activeSafe, itll save you from opening the con files and altering the staticobjects.con.

Take the fueltankwagon for example, the big favorite of everyone.

objectTemplate.active fueltankwagon

objectTemplate.armor.canBeDestroyed 0

note this will cause the fueltankwagon not to disappear anymore, its the exact same of what croupier does.

As for the effects:

objectTemplate.active e_exp_fuel



objectTemplate.active e_vexp_tank_2nd


My favorite place to dump this:


This way you can alter it on a mapˉ¹ and gamemodeˉ¹ basis.

It seems to work for me.

Also, for auto respawn (atleast I hope so, haven tried these command myself)

objectTemplate.active fueltankwagon

objectTemplate.respawnDelay 30

objectTemplate.nrOfRespawns 3

These seem to be valid commands

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