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How Do I Add a Vehicle Drop To An Existing Map?

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Hello All. I've been away from modding BF maps for a few years. I once knew how to modify BF1942 Desert Combat maps but it's been a long time. However. I now want to add a vehicle to an BF2 AIX2 map because the map is large, has no vehicles at all and could use  a vehicle or two.

I've managed to get the BF2 Editor working on my Win 8.1 system and have watched a few tutorials but I'm still overwellemed with some of the tutorials teaching more stuff then i need. So I'd like someone to tell me just how to add a vehicle to an existing Bf2 map in very simple terms. Or how to modify a map so that i can order a "Vehicle Drop". On some maps when I'm the commander an I try to order a Vehicle Drop the response is " No transport availible". Can I change this?

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rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 1 "LightJeep"
gameLogic.setTeamDropVehicle 2 LightJeep"
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


rem ********** Object Spawner **********
rem [ObjectSpawnerTemplate: CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep
ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ObjectSpawner CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep
ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Dickie"
ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1
ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0
ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 1 LightJeep
ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 LightJeep

if v_arg1 == host

   rem [ObjectSpawner: CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep
   Object.create CPNAME_YOURLEVEL_LightJeep
   Object.absolutePosition -310.369/25.421/-237.073
   Object.rotation 26.482/0.000/0.000
   Object.setControlPointId 1
   Object.layer 1

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