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Somes Questions ! Mapping/modding

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Hello everyone ! 

First question mapping :

I'm begginer in mapping/modding, i change some buildings in golf of oman map, i delete some others buildings, but i have the shadows again, how to delete ?  With lighning compile ?

I get gulf of oman compile but it take so long time (i've got 1318 objects patching) , and at the end i've got bugs shadows....

I look after many tutorials and i always get somes bugs texture, i on heat of battle map wich use bf2 maps


When i get compiled i always have red warning like fail to copy render target to destSurface..it's a problem ? i have the sample light in bf2 editor folder


I want to put a tv station on gulf of oman, but there are not in statics buldings list (only the statics buildings in gulf of oman are loaded )  , how i can import all objects/buildings ? I need to write one after the other ? Or i can copy a list ? 

After put the tv building, how i can have shadows to it ? Interior and exterior 

And don't understand all the AI tools, what is exacly Combat zone and Strategic areas ? I use it to had more capture point to set AI to take it, but how it work ? 

How i can have navmesh on carrier ? Like aix 2 ?


Second Question modding

I'm run heat of battle mod, in bf2 vanilla when i shoot someone with any land vehicule, the struck soldier is sent relatively far depending on the collision force, but in heat of batlle or aix 2 minimod,  the soldier hit just falls down, how i can tweak collision force ? 

How i can edit effects ? like increase maverick visual explosion ? 



Thanks you guys for your answers ! :D









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And don't understand all the AI tools, what is exacly Combat zone and Strategic areas ? I use it to had more capture point to set AI to take it, but how it work ? 

How i can have navmesh on carrier ? Like aix 2 ?

combat zone? i'm assuming you mean combat area? the combat area is the border around the playable area on your map, if you go outside this you'll hear the 'deserters will be shot' warning and see the countdown. there can be separate combat areas for soldiers, vehicles and aircraft or you can just use a single one for everything

if 'usedByPathfinding' is checked for a combat area, it will also define the borders of a new navmesh that you create (so normally the soldier combat area is used for this, because it's the smallest)

StrategicAreas (SAs) are used by the a.i. to determine whether they are inside the ControlPoints (CPs) or not - each one will have an ID that matches its CP's ID, and it will also have a 'temperature' to determine how hot (i.e. important) it is to the bots, e.g. if CP1/SA1 has a temp of 50 and CP2/SA2 has a temp of 200, the bots will be more likely to pick CP2 as their destination. note this temp is only a small part of the bot's strategy, any vehicles at the CPs also have their own temps which are all added together to get the total combined temp for the CP

you didn't mention OrderPositions, so i'd better explain them too: each CP/SA has an OrderPosition of infantry, and another for vehicles. these determine exactly where a bot will go to try and capture the CP, so the infantry OP *must* always be inside the CP radius - you can be a little tricky with these; i would often place them behind an object or inside a building so the bot capturing the CP had a some cover instead of standing out in the open like a lemon

vehicle OPs work in two ways: if it's *inside* the CP radius, the bot will drive up to OP and sit there until the flag is capped. BUT if it's *outside* the CP radius, he will drive up to it and then exit the vehicle, and proceed on foot to the Infantry OP and cap the flag from there.


for the carrier in AIX2 i made a custom ramp and stairs for the carrier that make the entire path from the sea to the deck walkable without needing ladders, which bots can't use. if i remember correctly they are called Carrier_Ramp and Carrier_Stairs_inc and are found in AIX2's staticObjects/misc folder. you use them by putting them in your map and aligning them to the carrier before you generate your navmesh

OrderPositions for bots on the carrier are a special case: if you try to set them, the OP will snap to the terrain, which is useless. to give them valid positions, i would create 2 temporary spawnpoints e.g. DeleteMe_Infantry and DeleteMe_Vehicle - the infantry one gets put on the carrier deck inside the CP radius (or wherever your CP is in the carrier) - the vehicle one i usually put just outside the carrier's rear hangar, level with the surface of the sea. (put it inside the hangar and it can get congested; put it too far outside the hangar and the bots take too long to swim inside to the ramp)

once you have created these spawns and saved the map, you can copypaste their position coords into the OP coords, then delete the spawns afterwards.

you can tell if they are correctly placed because they will show up as green circles (vehicle circle is slightly larger than the infantry circle) - if the circles are red, it means their position is not valid. NOTE that this is also true for spawnpoints and vehicle spawners - any showing a green disc are in a valid position for the bots; if they have a red disc they must either be moved or marked as 'human only' so the bots don't try to use them

IMPORTANT - you must load your navmesh in the editor in order to see the red and green circles and discs - otherwise they'll all show up as red.

in the text boxes select: AiPathfinding > LoadGTSData > click green button

in the Render menu select: Render > Ai > Toggle draw ai

and then: Render > Ai > Toggle draw infantry navmesh


Render > Ai > Toggle draw vehicle navmesh

...your navmeshes should show as having green land, yellow shallow water, and blue deep water.

i'll let someone else step in and explain the other stuff you asked about.

good luck and have fun


----> oh and one more thing - if you render your reflection maps and you see a line of white letters/numbers showing in your water and glass, disable the SP editor, quit and restart the main editor and then render them again.


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