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Lag on lan with bots AIX/ Networkable ?

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Hello everyone, i hope you can help me...

In my mod (aix based mod)

When i play LAN game in my mod with bots, the host pc looks good everythings it's okay, but the join pc have have some microlags, we can see the bots lagging, and the missile AA too, somes tracers are invisble on the join pc, only the join pc, the host don't have any problem...

The ping in the score menu are 0 for the 2 computers...

The 2 computers are good, same version game, connected with ethernet and no have any problem with other mods


ObjectTemplate.localPredictOnClient >> what means ?

I need to set up networkable info ? 

How work client and server ? When i modding a weapon in the object_server, i need to paste it too into the object_client ? 

In aix2, there is only the sound into the object_client, i need to put other thing into ?


I hope you can help me :)

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