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Hey all,

I've recently compiled everything I've learned into these tutorials to getting full bot support in maps. Thanks to all involved in thrashing out this process in the beginning, (No thanks to Dice's documentation abilities.) People Like KeithW(Korben Dallas), clivewil, Necronom, Outsider, Mschoeldgen and myself all spent countless hour wokring it out and sharing our knowledge to get bot support hapenning as quickly as possible.

This particular tutorial focuses on Maya as the editor in question, but if anyone would like to contribute a 3ds max companion tute, its very welcome as an addition to these tutes.

Enjoy :)


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I've been searching for a way to support bots in 32 player maps. Those tuts will definitively help!

Thanx for the link! :D

- Stryker

nice tutorial by the look of it, can it be a multiplayer map though?

i mean multiplayer in the sense that anyone joining the game can only be on the "non-bot" side?



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