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Hello, I hope theres still somebody in this forum who can help me. Im working on a small single-player mod, and I cant run the editor (which I have never used before). It tells me I need to have Directx 9.0c or higher, but according to my system, it has version 12 already. Besides, when I try to install version 9.0c It doesnt let me because I have windows 10. Can somebody help me? I really, really want to start using the editor


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Hello, this topic is old but the answer to your question is that DirectX 9.0c must be installed with the offline installer, not the web installer, otherwise it will claim you already have a newer version of the framework installed. Unfortunately these old legacy games still require the old frameworks to be installed, in order to run, and DirextX 9 is not bundled anymore in Windows 10 by default. Any reader stumbing on this topic looking to download DirectX 9.0c must do so by using the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) download available on www.microsoft.com (download it, the installation will actually only extract the contents of the bundle, you must then run the small setup.exe file in the extracted folder to install the legacy directx framework on your PC, works on Windows 10 too)

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