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how to edit booster maps to work off-line in 141?


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 How do I edit 2 of the  booster maps to work off-line and in 141( it has superior single player commander AI )?

 Here is an old the thread that states to rename the Maps to play offline but their are two of them that do not seem to work which is Operation Road Rage and Operation Harvest .

 Am use the naming tool now found on Modd database and it appears to work in renaming the map files, for example midnight sun and the quarry map seems to work without the online  message but not the road rage or harvest maps .

FYI  if one hex edits the 141 BF2.exe file  and changes the name of the booster maps, from what I can tell one does not even need to rename 4 of the booster maps,  they play without the online requirement  with the exception of Operation Road Rage and Operation Harvest which attempt to load but around 20% of the way through then simply close out the program. 

 Has anyone discovered a fix for this also useful since  some mods use those two maps when played, the online requirement message comes up 



 Tools since all the links phones here are dead ,  very handy 



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i have versions of those maps that were working*** in my own AIX Dev mod, Juggernaut = Op Road Rage, Buy the Farm = Op Harvest, but i did them so long ago it's hard to remember the exact things i did to make them work

if i'm correct, i mounted all map-specific stuff into my dev mod as you would with normal statics and vehicles, i.e. put them in a minimod and remove the need for the maps to call their own objects.con - which has the side benefit of being able to use those vehicles in any other map if you wish.

my versions have full-size navmeshes (bigger than the normal 64-size) - there was a lot of crud behind the scenes that had to be done to make the navmeshes generate, but i'm happy to just give you mine instead - you'll have to use my StaticObjects.con as well, because there was at least one change in Op RR made to allow the bots to use the map better (MEC base had a post midway in the base's exit, meaning tanks couldn't get through, so they'd try to go out the back way, and slide into the water. post removed.) - i'm pretty sure Harvest had at least one similar issue, i recall a bridge i had to fudge in some way to get bots using it

now then... Battlefield Singleplayer has now gone offline, and with it went my normal place to upload large files and BF-related junk. dropbox doesn't work for me, so if you'd like to PM me with a suggestion about which files you want and the best way of getting them to you, we can take it from there


*** this pc is relatively new, and doesn't have BF2 installed on it. all my custom BF2 stuff is here though, including those maps

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 Thank you for your offer !!!

 I think I remember you from back in the day when you were quite active on the forums working the road rage and other maps,  helpful and courteous to others in the forum.  You have the avatar of the nervous weasel or something correct ?

 I wondered what happened to battlefield singleplayer site;  links now keep leading to a page that says "maintenance." I guess it's perpetual .

see PM


FYI I think at last I figured out how to get the single player 16 RR to work off-line in 1.41.

 Of course as above in the BF2.EXE have operation road rage and operation harvest maps renamed by changing one letter 

  Added these two files,  serverarchives.con and clientarchives.con(see link to post below) into the Map folder for Roadrage alongside the server.zip file and now it  loads  16 singleplayer into the game offline!   Also works for Operation Harvest,   If more bots are desired such as 32 and 64 you'll have to rely upon mods 



Renaming / cloning RR and Harvest maps is not needed( unless for backup purposes ), just put two .con files into the RR and Harvest map folder,

above Post edited to reflect this.

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