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Choppergirl's Flying Robot UAV :)

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I built this high end 6km-10km radius line of sight range UAV and Li-ion battery packs, and programmed it myself....


I'm thinking of making a small styrofoam model of a PAC gunship "underside" to mount below the quad and put a camera underneath filming forward so you don't see the quad rotors, just a view from between the landing rails forward past the chain gun.... 

I actually bought this thing below, and could mounted upside down hanging off the bottom and rig up a little model of a chain gun that could be panned and tilted below the gunship underside in flight and viewed by such a recording.... so you could see the copilot "hunting for targets"...   (not that I did that in game, I always flew alone and unless I was parked on the ground, ignored the chaingun almost entirely while seat jumping).   Still, would look cool in a video.

Youtube Channel





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