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You're only using it wrong

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Query #1) Has anybody else noticed the same thing? Where if you have not trained a skill at a little while, your character is really"rusty" in the ability to RS gold begin, but goes back to normal speed after the first couple of ores/logs/fish?

Question #2) Is there a Runescape"rusty skill" subprogram, where in case you haven't trained a skill in a little time, your character will probably be somewhat slow in the ability for the first bit, before your resource gathering skill rate returns to normal, and can be only determined by your skill level and the kind of pickaxe/hatchet you are using?

You're only using it wrong. Magic, very simply, is not to be used like Range and Melee is. Range and Melee can simply hit 1 goal at a time, while magic (using Ancients) can hit multiple targets at once. To demonstrate similarity, I'll use a metaphor. Magic is like a real-life atomic bomb. You would not use a nuke like you would use an Ak-47, now would you? No, nukes have been used to strike many things at the same time, and obliterate all of them, while an Ak-47 is made to extract folks.

And this is where most people die when using magical. They attempt to use Magic just like they are used to using Range and Melee, when, in reality, this is not the best thing to RuneScape gold buy do. You use your advantage, hitting numerous people at the same time. If you regularly strike a bunch of people, you're very likely to kill them quickly, particularly while using the Ice charms.

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