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Little script needed ( headshot distance)


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a script for my private mod that shows the distance in meters of a headshot on the notification feed. 

*Example - [ Headshot ] J. Doe [ 117m]

My modding knowledge is plenty basic, and absolutely no idea about phyton coding. I'm trying to understand phyton files of Wookie's Sniper Mod (that makes the thing) but I am mental blind, because I understand nothing. 

Some helpful soul bring me a hand? 

Thank you so much! 

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I'm on the right way?



class killevent:
    def __init__(self, attacker, victim, template):

        self.attacker = attacker
        self.victim = victim

        # determine target distance
        distance = vector.getDistance(playermanager.getPosition(attacker), playermanager.getPosition(victim))
        self.distance = int(math.ceil(distance))
        self.distanceScore = int(math.ceil(distance/100.0) * 5)

        self.weapon = constant.getName(template)
        self.weaponType = constant.getType(template)

    def process(self):

        # determine hit region
        if self.victim.isManDown() == 0:
            self.region = "headshot"
            self.regionScore = 20
            self.region = "bodyshot"
            self.regionScore = 0

        # SCORE / MESSAGE

            # rifle score
            elif self.weaponType == constant.rifle:
                self.score = self.distanceScore + self.regionScore + self.speedScore + self.stanceScore
                self.text = "%s [%s] %s   [%+i]   (%sm - %s - %s - %s)" % (playermanager.getName(self.attacker), self.weapon, playermanager.getName(self.victim), self.score, self.distance, self.region)



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