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Navmeshing with Layers?

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Hello bfeditor forum! Hope this place is still alive.

I was making maps for BF2 5 years ago but never really managed to finish and make a decent map and my computer was trash so i gave up on it.

Recently decided to go back and make a decent map and release it.

I was working on a map for almost 2 weeks. Finished everything but stumpled across making gamemodes & navmesh

I didn't really know use of layers till now (even still don't really know) I realized i made every control point and stuff in layer 1 and navmeshed so i removed them (created backup of them)

And did 16-32-64 gamemodes with layer (for the16 i copied the first one i did and pasted on it cuz didn't wanted to from scratch again)

I'm very confused about the navmeshing the map with layer of 16-32-64 gamemodes. Tried to generate the pathfinding but it didn't allow me and said couldn't init combat areas, later on i figured out it's because there are more than 1 combat areas. I couldn't find any good guide about it. The more i try, the more i messed up.

So. Any help please?


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