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Certain Vehicle causes map to CTD with no error message

Daniel S

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I am customizing the MERCS BF2 mod for personal use.   I am adding an AIX helicopter that I like to this mod.

In one map, the vehicle works fine.  The map loads, I can play the map and use the AIX vehicle.

In another map, in the same mod, if I include this AIX vehicle, the map loads, but when I hit "Join Game" it crashes to the desktop.  I am testing in windowed mode and there is no error message.

If I remove the AIX vehicle and launch the map, it plays fine.

So logic would suggest that all the files needed were correctly added to the objects_server, objects_client and menu_client files because the helicopter works fine in another map.  

What would be different about a map in the same mod that would prevent it from running just by including a vehicle that works fine in another map within the same mod?

Any ideas?


PS: Is there a line of code needed to allow specific vehicles within a map?  I know about StaticObjects.con....I added the vehicle in question to the list of "run /objects/vehicles/air/..." etc and it made no difference



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