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Nations at War 8.0 (1.25).


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Nations At War Patch 1.25 will be released via the auto update feature in the launcher when it is finished, Stay tuned for more news on availability and on progress soon!

A bunch of bug fixes were reported from the last release and we did our best to fix all of them, 
Special shout out to Rotblut for adding to our buglist any problems he found,

3M22 Zircon Cruise Missile.png

YJ-18 Cruise Missile.png

Akula-class submarine.png

Alfa-class submarine.png

Kilo-class submarine.png

Los Angeles-class submarine.png

Seawolf-class submarine.png

Shang-class submarine..png

Typhoon-class submarine.png

USS Ohio-class submarine.png

M79 Thumper.png

PKP Pecheneg.png


Diving Boat.png

Fishing boat.png

JSC High-Speed Patrol Boat.png

Lcu 1600.png

Lobster Boat.png

Osa-class missile boat.png


Snapper II.png


Type 021.png

Type 022 Catamaran 25mm.png

Type 022 Catamaran 30mm.png

Type 022 Catamaran.png

Type 724.png

Zumwalt-class destroyer.png

BF2 Nations at War Mod - Paintball Arena 16 Bot Singleplayer.png

BF2 Nations at War Mod - Wake Island 2021 16 Bot Singleplayer.png

Great White Shark.png

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