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Battlefield 2 1943 AI and stationary weapons

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When Battlefield 1943 came out on the Xbox Live Arcade, I fell in love. The Battlefield 2 mod with ai scratches that nostalgic itch. There are a few issues I have with bugs or ai behaviors that I would like to fix myself but I am uneducated in how to do so and I need some help. From what I can tell, these problems are not specific to this mod.


1) The bots refuse to man stationary MGs which would make for a much more intense experience. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add ai support for them or increase the likelihood of bots using them. The maps indicate that the stationary MGs are called "bipod_idf_m1919" which are referenced in their ".con" and ".tweak" files as aiTemplates as "UsBipod." I checked the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bull3t\BFHD\mods\BF1943\Objects_server.zip\Weapons\stationary\MG_Bipod\bipod_idf_m1919" folder for an "ai" folder containing an "Objects.ai" file. I did not find one. This is where the "aiTemplate.basicTemp" setting *should* be. I have tried writing my own Objects.ai file but it does not seem to work. Any ideas?

2) The bots seem to fixate on one flag capture point at time instead of attacking at multiple fronts. Is there any way to adjust this easily without using the editor?


Thanks in advance.




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