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Is there Any Way to run a Dedicated Server Without it removing Important Edits?


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Howdy Folks,
Professor_Smith here again with another mind boggling modding issue. I was not sure which forum topic to place this under, as 1.  It is in regards to Bf1942, and 2.  It is in regards to getting specific edits to work over a dedicated server.

     Firstly, the HTroop modding team and I just released HTroop v1.2 Beta. It can be found on ModDB.com, at: http://www.moddb.com/mods/na32358
Secondly, when running a Dedicated Server for our Play Testers, a bunch of important edits regarding flame effects caused by flame throwers, lazer towers, and more, are being removed by the Dedicated Server. I have tried so many different ideas and combinations of scripts, but nothing works to allow the Supply Depot effects to work, unless playing in Singleplayer Mod, or running a LAN or Internet game from the Game Menu.
     I need a Dedicated Server Expert here that thinks outside the box, to help me figure out a Command or Script (or process) that will allow Supply Depots run from Effects files or in conjunction with Damage Effects, to run over a Dedicated Server.
     Or I need a way or a command, to Trick the Dedicated Server or the Game Engine into thinking that it is running a Dedicated Server, while running more like a LAN or Internet Server as if run from the game menu, where NO EDITS are removed from the Host or Clients.

Can anyone help me?

Thank You,


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