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In the past six months to a year there's been a string of events for Pirates in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2, with a quite decent turnout. I'm curious, was version 2.5 of Pirates 2 ever released anywhere? I've been scouring the internet, especially the WayBack Machine since most websites from that era are gone, for information and details about the two mods for documentation-purposes, but only found two concrete references to 2.5; on BF-Games.net (German) and RealityMod.com by @PiratePlunder.

I know it's a stretch to find much in 2022, but I saw some of the developers from Pirates 2 post here in the recent past. I also wonder if there are any dedicated communities for playing Pirates 1942 and 2; all events I've seen in the past year have been on 1942 and 2 Discord-servers.

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Great news! The Battlefield 1942-community HelloClan and Battlefield 2-community Lost-Soliders are coordinating a Double Feature Pirates event over the Halloween weekend. See event details on HelloClan's or Lost-Soldier's forum!


There you'll also find help with installing the games and mods if needed. During the event players will be active on both community's respective Discord-servers, see Hello's and Lost-Soldier's guides on connecting, or this dedicated guide for installation.

@Detrux and @Catbox, I hope you and anyone else interested will join us! They have been big successes in the recent past, and well attended. If you need any help with installing or running the games or mods, let us know on Discord.

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