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Too stupid to change vegetation culling distance


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I raised the view distance of my maps to 2 km, which looks really nice except for the vegetation popping in at around 1 km.

So I changed

GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 0 1000


GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 0 2000

in all tweaks files in the vegitation directory, which had no effect.

GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 1 2000
GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 2 2000
GeometryTemplate.setSubGeometryLodDistance 0 3 2000

I also tried changing the distance for the LOD levels according to how I understood this post, which didn't work either. Not sure if this is even the right approach considering that there are separate tweak files for the LODs themselves, even though those don't have any subGeometryLodDistance entry. I also tried manually adding it to the LOD tweak files with a distance of 2000, still no effect.

Then I tried adding a cull radius entry to all tweak files, which worked really well for increasing the render distance of vehicles previously. This change did have an effect, but far from the intended one. Increasing the radius only makes the distance that LOD 0 is rendered shorter, leaving a gap between LOD 0 and LOD 1 where vegitation disappears completely. The culling distance of LOD 1 is again unaffected and all vegetation still disappears at 1 km.

ObjectTemplate.cullRadiusScale 10 (Also tried 1, 100, 1000, ...)


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