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Can you make bots respect vehicle weapon values?

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I adjusted the lock-on times and angle values for the mobile AA to make it much harder to shoot someone down with missiles and in turn buffed the gun damage, but that only affects players that use those vehicles.


Bots, even on easy, will take you down in less than second if you get anywhere close to them. You don't even get the alternating warning beeps, it goes straight to the continuous tone for half a second and then you explode immediately, because of course they are immune to flares too. Even if you fire the flares early to compensate for the missing warning sound, they will still lock and kill you every single time.


The only way to kill them is to go really high up and drop a ton of bombs from out of range on them, but it makes the heavy planes with the anti-vehicle guns completely unfeasible which is kind of sad. To use the gun you would have to be so far away that you would have to know their exact location completely blind since they would not even be rendered or have the square highlight at that point.

I have no clues about modding AI, could somebody point me in the right direction to fix this?

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