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Lowering the max number of squads? Is it possible?


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Hi Community,

for my personal, singleplayer based mod, I am trying to find a way to lower the limit of bf2 squads number from 9 to 5.
The concept is to pass from the current scenario of 9 squads composed by 6-7 soldiers to 5 squads composed by 11-12 soldiers.
I already found a way to hack bf2.exe so to increase SQUAD SIZE LIMIT from 6 soldiers to a higher number, details of this change can be found in my other thread in Project Reality forum:  https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=153246

As the bots tend to fill the first slots of each squad, considering the classic scenario of about 60 bots per team (any higher number of bots would cause lags and different issues), I end up with 9 squads of 6-7 memebers, so the above hack results useless in singleplayer. Reducing the squads from 9 to 5 (or less) IMO would force bots to concentrate into fewer and bigger squads.

I would really appreciate any suggestion on how to achieve this change (by modifying the .exe file or whatever python/tweak could be used for that).

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