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3ds max affects multiple meshes

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so i want to make a lod1, lod2, lod3 for a mesh. but whenever i do that, if i decrease the polygons on ONE mesh(in this case all meshes in lod3 for example) it does it to all lods. Why does that happen? im a noob at 3ds max

probably not the right category for this but idk

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i suspect you have instanced geometry.

to fix it, select all of the parts of your objects and then right-click on them in the stack and select 'make unique' 

this will change them from instances to copies, making them independent



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On 1/8/2024 at 8:19 AM, auro512 said:

oh okay, thank you, didnt know thats a thing


for future reference, if you have an object 'A' and clone it to make object 'B'

copy - editing either object does not edit the other

instance - editing either object will also edit the other

reference - editing A will also edit B - but editing B will not edit A (i.e. changes only flow 'downstream')


...99% of the time, 'copy' is what you want.

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