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Tutrial - How to make Bones for tank tread.

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hello evryone,

heres a tutrial i make that will guide you how to make bones for treads.

(for this tutrial you have to finish the treads and the wheels).

and one more thing before i start,

i give my greetings to USI mod team that help me to understand some things...

lets start-


WHY THE HELL i need bones for my tank?

well... you can play with your tank in the game without problem even if

the tank dont have bones. but when you will drive on "small hill" the tread

still be "staight"...



Open your tank file, and create a "Pyramid"-

(it will be something like this)



The Pyramid parameters isnt so important, i make this defineds from

comfortable reasons...

---you dont need to center the Pyramid Pivot---

place the Pyramid has the same place of the nonvis of the wheel you want it.

Naming is eithr from comfortable reasons-

i named the Pyramid like this-


02- nomber of the wheel

l- left side wheel

bone- ...



make bone for any wheel, and name it how it comfortable to you.

and dont forget to place it as the same place of the nonvises...



use the "select and link" function and place the bones under their wheels.



now chose the PCO (from geom1 of course).

and under the modifer list chose Skin.

in the parameters chose "add", write there


and you see it will mark all the bones,

now press select



click on the "+" next to the "skin"

and mark the "Envelope" option.

select the first bone from the list there.

click on "Weight Table" and window will pup up.

click Ctrl+A ,and onther click on some box and enter 0.

it supposed to make all the 1's to 0's.

now. in the parameters list go down and make that

the "Bone Affect Limit" will be on 1.

(press X in the end)


8 )

mark the "Vertices" option in the skin parameters.

and chose there "Shrink".

this is let you to selecr vertexs.

chose the vertexs you want will be affacted from the bone.



press again on the "Weight Table" press there on the "Selected vertices" option. press Ctrl+A and write 1 in some box.

(press X in the end)



the tutrial still unfinished yet.

(let me take some rest :)

but if you had some skillz you can finsihd it from this point.

good luck :)

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Thanks for the tutorial SPYKER. I'm wondering, is there any code required for the bones to work? I have my bones setup properly I think. The tank exports fine and the treads and wheels animate. I have tried several times with no luck, there seems to be a lack of information about this subject. I can't find anything.

Thanks for any help.

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hey showNOmercy,

has "ctz" told you-

you dont need special code.

also, i want to say, i learnd new technics long time ago,

so this tutrial is good only from step 1 to 6,

i need to update\remake the other steps... soon as i got time...:)

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