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Gmax Program and Plug-in

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You don't need the gamepack from turbosquid but only the gmax main program and the highly recommended tutorials.

The gamepack from turbosquid doesn't include BF2 support. Instead install the BF2 tools from BdBodger's link.

Here's an alternative link:


Rexman has made several improvements to the tools in the meantime. Get his latest 3DS package and replace the older scripts with his improved ones.

Read my question about it and Rexman's answer here:


The download link for the newer tools is in the first post of this thread.

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To download gmax from the 'official' gmax supporter (which is Turbosquid now) you should use this link instead of the (broken) link on the Turbosquid site:


Be sure to visit http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax/ to get a registration number for your new toy.

Btw, don't ask Autodesk/discreet for gmax support, they put it in the hand of Turbosquid a while ago.

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