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Syntax Files For Crimson Editor

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Hey everyone, I was doing some manual tweaking today and the plain text started making my eyes bleed so I whacked together a syntax spec for Crimson Editor because the closest I could find was that someone mentioned one for BF42 in another thread.

It's not totally consistent with itself, but that's because of naming collisions in the objects themselves, and there's nothing I can do about it-- besides, it's more than close enough.

I probably missed some settings here and there, particularly the stuff that isn't enumerated in the Editor like TargetType, VehicleType, soundFilter, ReplenishingType, etc. etc. etc., but I got most of them (the file's 1400 lines long, to give you an idea). If you notice something that's missing and you want to update the file and re-upload it somewhere, that's cool with me. I'm done with it.



There are 5 files in the zip. One's a readme. To install:

1) Put the bf2.spc and bf2.key files in Crimson Editor's "spec" folder (By default C:Program FilesCrimson Editorspec)

2) Put the extension.tweak and extension.con files in Crimson Editor's "link" folder.

3) Restart the program and enjoy the pretty colors.

Oh, if any of you studs with decent hosting want to get it off FileCloud so people can actually download it, that would be awesome; the zip file is only 9K.

Enjoy :wink:

oh God these smilies are hideous

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minor point... the BF42 plugin used to recognise beginrem and endrem statements and threat the text in between accordingly. your new one doesn't.

OK well I thought it used to :P


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Hm, I don't remember seeing any multiline comment blocks. No biggie.

Open up bf2.spc and add the following lines:




Change the "beginrem" and "endrem" parts to exactly whatever it is that signals the start and end of the comment blocks. That should do it.

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For some reason that didn't give the desired results...

but doing this:



and then applying a range bg color gave me what I was looking for.

Perhaps..... I may have done this to the BF42 spec on my own and forgot about it ??

thanks again for the util.


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