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3ds/gmax Model Hierarchy Collection (56k Warning)

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i find the mistake of kit floating.i think...

but needed for testing more.

the PR kits geoms have 3 lods(lod0/lod1/lod2).when standart is only 2 lods(lod0/lod1).my at kit had too 3 lods after importing rpg meshes.turned out that in my skinnedmesh file 1 kit had 3 lods and other - 2,after i delete the third lod(lod2) ,and the kit floating problem disappeared.

as I read on one forum - lod0 is used in game for player. lod1 used for bots, but for what is used this third lod(lod2) ?

we will look that will be farther...

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I decided this problem last evening,after 4 months of attempts.

the problem consists in that - in used kit skinnedmesh file ,one of Š° kit(my modified at-kit with rpg launcher) used textures from 2 dds files(original from BF2 Special Forces and for rpg launcher - from Project Reality) and had 2 materials


I copy the rpg launcher textures from PR dds file and added in my new dds file(both maps - difuse and bump).

after I edited the UVW map for rpg launcher.

and the last step - I specified the my at-kit material map for rpg launcher.and this is result

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do all vehicles require an engine, because i can't find mi17 engineĀ hierarchy? Also what are the rotors under on a basic helicopter?

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