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New Tutorial - Internet Mod Testing Procedure


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may sound a bit noobish but whats the shortcut to add to a normal BF2 launcher.

is it along the lines of BFV

"C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" +fullscreen 1

then aybe,

"C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" +fullscreen 1 +mod totalwar +restart 1


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I did not start an own mod, just made my map in the editor. The map works fine local so i wanted to test it with a friend connecting to my pc, i send him the directory where my map was in but it didn't work.

I did not pack anything so if someone could point me what to do to make a final map (not mod!) i would be very happy

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If you have encountered this error or at least understand what it is refering to, why not share the answer???? I cannot even test my map with my new model.

I've just reinstalled BF2 then repacked my mod and I get the IDENTICAL error. i'm missing a something here, and I don't think its the fx file this ****** keeps showing me...

PLEASE refer to the post directly above this.

And to reiterate, i've followed LBs topic tutorial and i've not missed a step, aside from the fact that there is no MAYA folder to delete in my mod (I figured that was just related to maya users)

Why do I get that error(above) when I run the Debbuger???????

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I have seen some odd number of uses get it when trying to launch BF via different shortcuts, for example /run bf2 in mIrc and so on.

The error means that the working-directory isn't pointed correctly. Include full path in name and mod-path...that usually seem to do the trick.

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To LBrown, yes. I've run both in windowed and in full screen with the debugger and +modPath mod*Mod_Name* in the shortcut.

Is this wrong?

I assumed since I would be running the mod with that additional string, the same would apply to the BF2_r shortcut.

The error, unfortunately, won't allow me to continue. I get the option to Retry or Cancel before I even see the Logo clips.

I've tried copying the exact file mention into my level's common_client/shaders zip as the path seems to show, but the result is the same.


When I try to run the mod with the shortcut attachment WITHOUT he debugger, the game will start and I can choose my profile, log in and the moment I click the Multiplayer tab, CTD.

I also tried creating an entirely new mod with a simplistic level (containing undergrowth and overgrowth plus the CPs ans SPs) , packaging them and then running and i've recieved the identical error.

That is about the time that I completely reinstalled the game. I left the editor well alone for fear of killing my map somehow.


I've run my map many times under the bf2 mod with no problems at all, I even added my barbedwire model to stock zip so I could see it in game. And it showed up, completely textured and looking perfect, but every other static in the map was blank, like I confused the editor with my placement.

BUT, i've completely reinstalled BF2 since then to eliminate any sort of manual blunder.

Well, have a look...

This is my Mod directory, altho some of these zips look completely empty.


And this is my level directory.


The empty zips are strange, but this is exactly how it packed straight out of the editor.

--I'm also positive that i've loaded all of bf2's resources.--

Let me know what you think.


And Thanks!


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Yes, you can't mix mods, but you can run a dedicated, non-ranked server with your mod maps.

Also note that there is a problem with passwords because they don't get remembered when the game restarts, so you can't password-protect a dedicated server running your custom mod. (unless the players switch to the custom mod first, then join by IP. In which case you can password-protect it, which will be good for some beta testing situations.)

Hopefully that won't inconvenience too many people.

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Mach10 found the fix for those that have the same problem.

For some reason, the new SF weapons HUD/icon textures were not

loading-in with the rest of the BF2 Objects.

Take the missing textures from the BF2 game, after the patch, and add

them to your Mod.

I don't think this is the correct method to use, but it does work.

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Yeah, but which files do you distribute to a friend so they can try the map? Where do the "packaged" files go?

Your "packaged" files are in you level folder: C:\programfiles\ea games\battefield 2\mods\bf2\levels\my_map\

they are the ones called server and client zip, but you wil also have to take with you the info map (unpackaged)

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