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Hey all, I thought I might give this L3DT a try and see what it could do, I have it setup and ready to go and have generated my map, I was now wondering how I create the heightmap, lightmap, colourmap ect and save them seperatly and then how to load them into the editor, could anyone help me as I dying to give this a shot, cheers...

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First off, I highly suggest going through all the L3DT tutorials. They are well written and easy to follow.

Second—I’m a big fan of this program for creation of heightmaps, colormaps, and detail maps. I’d like to get a video tutorial together that covers all these aspects of this program... but have been lacking on time. I’ll put it on my list of things to do, but can’t dedicate a lot of priority to it right now. In the meantime, hopefully this will help get you started (and other fans of this program will more than likely help you out (check out some of “Prophet”s posts about L3DT).

UPDATE! Video Tutorial Here: http://files.filefront.com/L3DT_Tutorial__...;/fileinfo.html


1. Choose “View > Show Map > Heightmap”

2. Right click on the image to bring up the menu

3. Choose “Export > Active map...”

4. Export Map

-----a. File Format: RAW

-----b. File name: HeightmapPrimary.raw

-----c. Click “Re-size for export” and set for your mapsize+1 (i.e. 1025x1025 for a “1024x2” map)

-----d. Open HeightmapPrimary.raw in photoshop (import as: 16 bit, 1 channel, 0 header, IBM) and flip the image vertically & resave.

5. Copy “HeightmapPrimary.raw” file into your "[bf2install]modsbf2levelsMY_LEVEL" directory


As far as I know, you can’t use the lightmap from L3DT in the editor. Theoretically, you could “bake” the lightmap onto the color texture... but I suggest using the editor to make lightmaps for the terrain & objects.


1. First off, building on what I said above, you should regenerate your texture map in L3DT without lightmaps.

-----a. “Operations > Texture Map > Generate Map”

-----b. Click “OK” to overwrite

-----c. Un-check “Use Light Map”

-----d. Check “Make High-resolution texture” and choose a number that will be multiplied by the size of your heightmap

---------1) For 512 maps: 2048x2048

---------2) For 1024 maps: 4096x4096 (you’ll need the trial of the pro version for this)

2. Right Click on Texture map to bring up menu

3. Choose “Export > Active map...”

-----a. File Format: BMP

-----b. File name: Your_map_Colormap.bmp

-----c. Click “OK”

4. Convert to TGA & Split with bf2_tsplit

-----a. Open “Your_Map_Colormap.bmp” in photoshop or an image editor that can save to 24-bit TGA (Targa) files

-----b. Flip your image vertically and save file as “Your_map_Colormap.TGA”

-----b. Copy Your_map_Colormap.TGA into your BF2_tpaint directory

-----c. type “bf2_tsplit null Your_map_Colormap.TGA” and press ENTER. Bf2_tsplit will cut your colormap into the chunks needed in the editor and save them in the “colormaps” directory.

-----d. Copy the files in bf2_tpaint’s “colormaps” directory into the "[bf2install]modsbf2levelsMY_LEVELEditorColormaps" directory

5. Open your map in the editor.

-----a. Adjust level height in the MY_LEVEL tweaker bar section to scale your heightmap to your liking.

-----b. Paint your detail textures (or you can also use L3DT to export the alpha maps into detail layers—another tutorial, I think!)

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thanks alot killinscuds, I've actually made a map in the editor, is there anyway I can import my map to L3DT and then build the heightmap and colourmap(it has no objects in it yet)?

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File > Import > Heightmap

You'll have to import either a TerraGen file from your HeightmapPrimary.raw or open it in photoshop & save it as BMP or PNG.

After you import it:

Operations > Designmap > Generate from HF

Then you can just click the "Next >>>" button & watch it work, or tweak the steps along the way.

Good luck!

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Do I need the quotes when I type it in? I typed it in the command prompt but it didn't work

No, you don't need to type quotes.

Here's the easiest way that I think I can break it down for you:

  1. Open windows Explorer
  2. Go to the C: drive
  3. Right Click, Choose "Create New Folder"
  4. Name that folder "SPLIT" (don't use quotes)
  5. Save your colormap as "colormap.tga" in the "C:\SPLIT" folder
  6. Save your detailmap as "detailmap.tga" in the "C:\SPLIT" folder
  7. Copy the files "bf2_tsplit.exe" and "NVDXT.EXE" into the "C:\SPLIT" directory
  8. Go to Start > Run
  9. Type "cmd" (no quotes) and press ENTER
  10. Type "c:" (no quotes) and press ENTER
  11. type "cd \SPLIT" (no quotes) and press ENTER
  12. type "md colormaps" (no quotes) and press ENTER
  13. type "md detailmaps" (no quotes) and press ENTER
  14. type "bf2_tsplit detailmap.tga colormap.tga" and press ENTER

BF2_Tsplit with split your files and populate the "colormap" and "detailmap" folders in the "C:\SPLIT" directory.

Copy both the "colormap" and "detailmap" folders and paste them into the "editor" directory of your level.

For example, if your level was named "TreeHouse" and you installed BF2 in the default directory, it would be in:

C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\BF2\Levels\TreeHouse\Editor"

Good luck.

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