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Making Terrain Slopes (Image Heavy)

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Ok, heres a quick, simple and neat way to make your terrain go up hill, or follow the stonewall slopes in the editor.

Firstly, select the road tool.


Next, you want to right click on your terrain, and select "Create New Spline"


Now (holding down Alt) left click to create points on your spline.


Then, click the individual points on the spline, and raise them up, to where you would like your terrain to be.


Finally, choose a road under the road templates (1)

Choose your width (2)

Double click a point on your spline to activate it (3)

Connect your spline (4) and name it when prompted,

this can be anyname or number you like.

Then apply the spline (5)


At this point, if you dont want the road it can be deleted, leaving you with a nice, tidy slope.


If you do want to keep the road, make sure you click "octaves" and make sure it is "0" and not the defualt "3"

This will give the edges of your road a nice smooth finish.



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is their a easier way to get the roads to fit the stone wall slopes....

this is what i do ..... after using this tip to try to get my terrain to follow the stonewall slopes in bf2, i found the best way to do it, was to put 2 spline control points at either end of the slope (ontop of each other) and to raise them a bit off the place the terrain should raise to. Apply the spline, check it works, then delete the spline and build the proper spline that you want to go up the stone wall slope- but dont apply spline....

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Wow - this is a fantastic tip for making perfect ramps! Thx dude.

One of the things I picked up when trying to iron out wrinkles in a ramp is to actually use the platform tool with a low sensitivity. It works a lot like the Level tool, except it functions at a set height. The reason I use this one for getting rid of small ridges on an incline is because you can define the set height with the right mouse button when clicking on the terrain instead of typing in a value. Thus, if you have a bump - right click halfway up it, then left click to begin leveling it out. Then use the smooth tool to finish it off.

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