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you can download it here



drag a file on the get button, or click the button to get a file. The contents generated by bf2Materials.exe will show which you can alter. Then click the set button and you're all set. Uses .NET framework v2.0 os you need that. Also, dont remove the bf2Materials.exe from the unpack folder or you'll get an error.

App by me, bf2Materials.exe by Rexman, skin by Hoofer with render of Gaverty.

You can also associate .bundledMesh fileextenstions to the app so you can doubleclick (manually setting other extension can be done aswell if you know what you're doing)

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These tools actually work for vista. The command line one doesn't work for vista but this one does. Thanks

Also for help on saving the files, u must make sure that the file u open has read only ticked off. Then open it, make changes, then go set mesh

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