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noob question

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hi, ive been following the BF2 editor tutorial, ive gotten up to placing vehicle spawns, i right click and go "object spawner" and a window pops up "select vehicle type" except there is absolutely nothing under it. how do i get access to vehicle spawns?

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follow the tutorial word for word... it explains about adding objects by checking boxes in the mod manager

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Do this:

goto EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\bf2editor\Settings and delete the Content.ini if there is one present at that location.

Then goto EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\bf2editor\Settings\Default and open the Content.ini in notepad.

Paste this blue text over whatever text is in the Content.ini:

folder default Objects\Common

folder default Objects\Develop

folder default Objects\DynamicObjects

folder default Objects\Effects

folder default Objects\freecontent

folder default Objects\Kits

folder default Objects\miscobjects

folder default Objects\Roads

folder default Objects\soldiers

folder default Objects\Staticobjects

folder default Objects\vegitation

folder default Objects\vehicles

folder default Objects\water

folder default Objects\weapons

Save the Content.ini, launch the BF2 editor, don't touch the mod manager as you will find by default now you have access to all the bf2 content.

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