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I have mapped for many games and often I find alot of maps named after MY map before I release it.

I have created "or" I'am in the progress of working on a map(s) but not yet released that are similar or using the name I thought of.

I'am in the middle of a "NEW" map at this moment and would kindly ask that you (a admin of this board) make a sticky of "WIPS/MIPS"

"wips"= Work in progress, mips=Maps in progress.

Just to clarify a "WIP" is a "Work In Progress" (Not Named Yet).

And "MIP" is a "Map In Progress" ( Has A Name)

This is my proposal to "This Great" Forums.

So with that said here is my "MIP".

Map Name: Madagascar_Islands

Map Discription:

Madagascar A Government That Is Multiparty republic lies in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa opposite Mozambique. The world's fourth-largest island. The country's low-lying coastal area gives way to a central plateau. The once densely wooded interior has largely been cut down to make way for a Hostile Takeover of MEC Military Bases. US Rapid Deployment Units (RDU) Have Taken 2 small Islands and The North East Beaches to detour this Terrorist Takeover. The US Must work with Local Leaders (Called The Malagasy a mix of Malayo-Indonesian and African-Arab ancestry) To distinguish This Takeover.

Please make sticky's!

I will post screenshots ASAP.

Thanks :P

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Map name:



The war has moved to the chinese countryside. A luxurious farm in the past, a new storage facility for ammunition and weapons in the present. The USMC parachuted and hid in a large cornfield overnight, being ready to capture the whole farm by dawn. The PLA is with daily soccer practising and relaxing, unaware of the attack they will soon have to hold back.

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Village Lost

It's an interpretation of the DC: Lost Village map using all stock BF2 elements and in a larger scale.

There will be 3 versions:

Day 1, daylight

Day 1, nighttime

Day 2, daylight, full assault

Each version will have varrying levels of wreckage, destruction, and vehicles. Since I'm doing this solo the first map will be ready in several weeks time.

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Map Name: Urban_Assault

Description: A large city/urban map based in the Middle East area. Will be completely city except for the outskirts where it will just be desert and some shacks and the sort. Will be accurately mapped to the layout of major Middle Eastern cities.

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Since the conversion process of objects and such from our pre alpha bfv version of bf apocalypse will take a while I am making a couple of maps to fine tune my mapping skills. Current custom maps;

Map Name: Identyti

Description: A map I made during the closed beta to test aspects of the editor and get them to work, as such it is a very small Chinese map based mainly on infantry fighting around a dam. The surrounding terrain is hilly with some pine forests for the sake of it. Currently it has different versions for 16,32,64 players and I am just waiting on the shadow generating to finish.

WIP: not named

Description: A very large map based in the Mediterranean with grasslands and hills (if anyone has played point of existence's "Mara" think of that, 16 times larger and with lots of hills).

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Here we go.

Project worked on right now.

RockPile: The Aftermath.

China took over vietnam and the US are back at the RockPile to face a different enemy :). Based on Operation Prairie: The RockPile.

Finished: Strike at Burqin.


Gulf of Taiwan

Operation Penghu islands

KASHGAR City oigoer city northwest along the silkroute

Yellow river dam

Jinan Peninsula

Jiangxi Wetlands

the swamps in south-irak-->Shatt-el-HaI Swamps

Calus Pass (Iran)

Gachsaran Oilfields

Sarbaz River Valley(Iran)

Isfahan nuclear plant ( iran)

thats that :)

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one is for BF2, and to be well balanced for tourney use but still a fun map Road to amrilo will be small. with 5 flags in a start layout

Highway to hell will be for PoE:2 when its released, will play like wadi haifa style but better and be european, 3/5/maybe 7 flags, for 3, centre in middle of map just to the side of the road, and one east of and west of.

for 5, same as above, pluss checkpoints halfway between centre and mains, will probably cary and be slightly offset.

for 7, same as above, with further maps in opposite locations NW/SE/NE/NW unsure yet till i see the PoE statics

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map name: Lurqi Jungle

Discription: USMC is trying to secure backhawk crash site in the jungle, confrontation with MEC soldiers ect, massive battle.

No god dammed vehicles or artillary which is annoying sometimes.

I dont know a jungle in the middle east though, any suggestions?

its still being built but dosn't work because of memory.dll error.

Does the full version of the editor have support, cause I am having troubles with my map exiting at 45% from memory .dll error ( described in another thread)

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Desc: USMC have arrived at the coastline with a Carrier, sending out troops by air and sea to take control over a part of an strategic important coastline that are held by CH troops. USMC Troops have to get a bridgehead on shore as quick as possible by taking out key positions for making a succesful operation and take out all CH strongholds.

Progress: Terrain and combat area are completed, USMC Carrier have been deployed, CH base have been configured.

Currently I'm working on CH base and placing fortified possitions along the coastline, over- and undergrowth.

USMC only start with the carrier as spawnpoint that cannot be taken by enemy forces while CH have all the other flags, but all CH bases can be taken.

Can post screnshots of the progress if you want me to.

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King of the hill

Premise: And entrenched, well defended US base on a hill with only two flags comes under attack by a MEC force that can only win by capturing bothe US flags. The MEC flags are uncapturable.

Sainai Peninsula

US vs MEC forces in a broad sweeping desert tank battle. Each force starts with a total of 7 tanks, one apc and 1 heavy jeep. the 2 mains are uncapable. there will be two flags that will cause a bleed if one group holds both. But most of the map is desert allowing for fast and furious tank engagements while defending or attacking flags in force.

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