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Map Name: Checkpoint

Map Description:

The newly captured city of <city name here> by U.S. forces deals a major blow to the operations of the MEC resistance. <city name here> is a principal location for munitions production and storage for MEC forces. With this in mind, MEC troops are preparing a counterattack in a desperate effort to retake the city, while U.S. soldiers set up checkpoints along key roadways and brace for the expected confrontation.

Note: I haven't yet decided a name for the city itself yet (hence the <city name here> thing lol). :D

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the mapname we still betatest is "killme".

i use this name because i had strange troubles with one seconday heightmap.









but for now the map runs over one week on our server and we test it every night on different computers. we still check balancing, static-fx, ambient-fx and sounds. i think we release it next week. Then "killme" will run on our "fire&forget" server.

sorry for my strange english, please killme !

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my first post here - so: HI @ ALL !

cool forum here !

i'm from germany and the german editor-support is VERY small...

recently i work on a map called:


hope to get it finish somewhen - as i allways have probs with it... (15% -CTD, roads in editor but not in game... - and YES i read all about it and didnt help - had to delete overgrowth :( will set manually)

greetz, g.i.joke

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Albeit these four maps are for my mod Battlefield: Tanx, but names & descrips below :)

San Francisco Airport - Small, Intense Tank Fighting takes place between the border of a destroyed Airport and a harbor. Adapted from the original game, expect nearly everything to be included from the original level.

Route 66 - Featuring a large stretch of the famous Route 66 Southwest area, this map also pulled from Battlefield Tanx features some pretty cool additions, including some nifty little secrets.

Tubatop - Located in New Mexico, the Tuba Top oil refinery was once the heart and soul of the now defunct "CONCO" corporation. Now gangs fight for this refinery's precious contents. Tuba Top features a large oil refinery next to a jutting mountain. Not far away two key roads intersect in this desert battleground.

Broken City - New Name & Changed Urban Environment for an original San Francisco Map from Battlefield. Taking place on the East Coast and not West Coast, expect some cool secrets just like the original map.

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Invasion of Vietnam

Possible versions:

Day 1

Night Fight

Day 2


Double Assualt


American forces have been injected into a Vietnam to Capture a China Outpost in a Strategically Critical position. China's forces have the low land swamp covered heavily by bamboo trees. The Americans have captured a near by oil refinery and has made it into an outpost. The oil refinery is on a hill. Inbetween the two is a village and a city.

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map name- Shut_down

story- after a rough battle from trying to save the US carrier. half the platoon survied the attack but there carrier is sunk and the platoon is going to carry on there mission. taking down the MEC's commution HQ. USMC saved one tank, 2 jeps, and there art, radar, and uav traller.

decsribion- the us has two bases on beach near the HQ. the MEC has the HQ and a small valley with there stragic weapons.

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Wip nicknamed rabbit warren

it is a island map off the china's coast . its a temple island on top but has survice tunnels going under it.

may name it Minds Graden but not sure... will hopfully be testing it soon for a semi test run.

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Sundown On Mosul

"We have confirmed intelligence that Rashidiyah, on the northern outskirts of Mosul, has been taken over by the MEC Army and the majority of civilians ousted.  Further, the MEC have been using Rashidiyah as a staging point for the increasing attacks against US Forces and Civilians in Mosul.  It is critical to the stability of Mosul that the MEC Army is ousted from Rashidiyah.

Using Mosul as a staging ground, the <insert armored division> will travel north across the Tigris and take back Rashidiyah.  The landscape gives the well sheltered MEC Forces considerable advantage.  However, Turkey has fortified their border and will not allow the MEC Army refuge - we have them cornered. This also means the MEC forces in Rashidiyah, while still considerably armed, have no re-supply route."

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Name: Al Dahraq

Description: The fighting at Kubra Dam has caused big troubles to the south. Because of the problems, the damn has not been finished on time. Heavy rain in the last week made the river go over its edges, and now many cities have been flooded. The USMC believe it will be easy as pie to capture the flooded cities, but the Middle Eastern Coalition are expecting them, and it is going to be a fierce fight.

The description might be changed :D

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Actually, i have 5 maps :

Name : L'ile du Diable / The Evil Island

Version : 1.0

Description: A handle of US survivors and a tiny infested island of MEC...

Fortunately, a parachuting of paras is designed to help the survivors.

Modes : Multiplayer 16/32 et Singleplayer 16 (Bots)

Screenshots and download

Name : Le Village Pilotis

Version : 1.0

Description: A lost village in the medium of nowhere. The night. One bigfog. What could be better to stress the soldier, even most valorous?!

Modes : Multiplayer 16/32

Screenshots and download

Name : Feu! / Fire!

Version : 1.0

Description : Face to face between the Chinese and the Guys for the supremacy of this old river that the Chinese want to transform to make a water reserve of it for their hydroelectric factory, and which the MEC wish to preserve just as it is to safeguard their crowned mosque. The conflict between the two protagonists begins whereas a wind coming from the south rises, thus raising sand clouds which make the vision very difficult on the ground of operation.

Modes : Multiplayer 32/64

Screenshots and download

Nota : this map is used for some movies

Name : Le bunker de Pluton / Pluton bunker

Description : Pluto, Year 2121. Scientists of the Earth have just arrived on the Pluton planet. They established their camping close to a still unknown structure, in the shape of bunker.

However, the secret service of the Marsian empire had wind of this discovery and they sent an elite commandos to take possession of the bunker.

The presidential Earth guard must protect this fundamental discovery at all costs.

Modes : Multiplayer 16/32

Screenshots and download

Name : La forêt noire / The Black Forest

Description : A research center MEC on a new source of energy is about to be attacked by the Chinese army.

Modes : Multiplayer 16/32/64

Screenshots and download

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Name : Jibbel City

WIP name : Manshu City

Completed: 90%

Jibbel City is under the control of MEC forces that are defending the City and determined to meet the US forces with all elements of modern warfare and stiff resistance.

US forces landed on the Industrial edge of the City and have taken control of these areas during the night. It is vital that both sides secure bases in Jibbel’s sheltered City to reduce the danger posed by anti missile vehicles and sniping.


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