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Map name: Kahluji Desert

Inspiration: Strike at Karkand, Urban Raid (JONES)

Link to WIP thread: No thread yet

Link to screenshots: No screens yet

D/L-link: Not in beta

Overall progress: approx. 20%

Estimated needed time: 1-1½ month (not including lightmaps & possible SP support)

Work needed: Major terrain texturing, GP-objects, roads, minimap, lightmaps, testing, minor object changes and so.. basicly, everything but statics and terrain..

Contact me if you have questions by pm or email.. contact info in my profile (gaming@tne.dk)

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map name: bay of despair.

war type map with airdrop zones, beachhead spawns and sniper nest's.

two airfields, one small city, a village and a hangar ship.

It is a work in progress, so I won't get into all details.

but here is the story for the map;)

President Bush send's the hangar cruiser Wasp on a mission to find some terrorists, that supposedly got them a atari 2600 wich could in the wrong hands

be used for mass destruction. that coul'd traumatize thousend's of american soldiers.

As a result of a over valued estat market, the Wasp have to endure this mission without any destroyer or sub escort.

To avoid small aggresive fisher boats, The Wasp enter this bay, to find them surrounded by enemie forces.

Then CIA finds out that the intel was wrong, the terorist couldn't afford a atari 2600, so they bought a NES (wich are useless) from a mother that just cleaned her sons closet.

This fact is keept secret for the public of prestige.

maybe i come up with a better story later;).

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Map name : Talsi

I am making a bf2 map of my hometown Talsi (12k population)

map size : 16 square kilometres (4x4km)

Now creating most significant objects in 3d.

I hope to get topographic map of the town soon to make map accurate (there are many hills in and around the town)

This is the approx covered area : talsi20kartewv2.th.jpg

The most photographed place in Talsi : talsi1bkj5.jpg


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Got three maps, two currently working on, one of which was fixed by Catbox (thanks again :))

Lu_Canal: PLA vs USMC. Urban/industrial/countryside/river environment.

Jiangnan_Canal: PLA vs USMC, extension of Lu. More urban/river/countryside environment.

Operation_Firestorm: MEC vs USMC. City/refinery/hilly region.

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Hey M.O.A.B, still working on the map you showed off on bf2s?

The really small one? Village Assault?

Haven't done anything with it for a long time. Load of issues spawned with it and I made so many backup versions I got confused which was the latest one :P, especially after I moved it onto my external drive so not to lose it when I reinstalled BF2.

Might pick it up again some time though.

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Map Name: Operation_Kabul_[Afghanistan]

Description: The USMC are moving through Afghanistan and taking control of some key cities. Kabul is a and average sized city at the base of some mountains. My map starts out on the Kabul "highway" were the first USMC base is, from here they move into the city off the highway taking control of the bases.

Its my very first map ever and im pretty happy with it, Kabul is an actual city in Afghanistan and I'm trying to be accurate with the terrain and surroundings.

Here's a picture, as you can see in the bottom there is a bit of a field, I doubt that im being very accurate but this is where the Highway is.


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my first map i am working on is:

El Alemein

Type: Desert warfare, mainly tanks and possibly heli's.


I am sure most of you know of the battle at El Alemein between the two most gifted generals of the second world war..Rommel and Montgomary. Well.. i am intending to create the scene. but with theUS and MEC forces and have perhaps a base with euro vehicles.. if thats possible. It is going to be mainly a tank map. If you ever played Kursk on Red October..you'll have a sort of a idea of the mayhem that would commence :)

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