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[SFaith] Woodrow

Light On My Projectiles!

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Ahoy there mateys. I'm currently building a mesh for a projectile (a laser bolt) and it's getting light from the sun and sky, causing half of it to be dark. My question thus is: is there any way to turn that off on the projectiletemplate or otherwise disable it so my projectile uses the same colour (that being the base colour in the .dds's) regardless of a map's light settings? There's going to be a lot of these projectiles flying about, so I'm not keen to give them all their own dynamic light sources (for fear of killing everyone's computers with performance lag)

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Not sure this applies but, depending on the shader technique used, you could try minimizing the specular factor. IIRC, the alpha channel of your color texture does it, forget if you want it light or dark though. If you're using an alpha technique though the spec map goes in the normal map's alpha channel. DFast has good info on BundledMesh techniques somewhere.

Just thinking it's too reflective so it has that effect perhaps?

Hope this helps,


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