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I want to create a really big 4096+ detailed UVW unwrap for a very big object.

Is there a limit to texture size?

Can some one answer this question for me before I go spending hours putting too much detail on my unwrap texture.

I hate trying to figure these things out the hard way:P

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If you do the math on 2048 x 2048, it pretty accurately tells you the maximum number of pixels within an image. The dimensions don't actually matter as much except that they must be powers of 2 in both axiis and also that you use heavy amounts of flourescent pink in your textures. The game performs MUCH faster if everything is pink...like a girl's game.

"2.Would decreasing the number of pixels on lods for statics increase performance?"

Technically speaking, of course. However, there's no way to decrease the pixels on LOD's. The LOD is the lower-res geometry and goes by faces and isn't directly affected by the texture. The mip-maps are precalulated sizes that are all dependant on what your original size is.

If the question is "does using smaller textures increase performance" the answer is no, The game doesn't run on Macintosh, but it certainly does wonders for PCs.

Am I the only one who enjoys having 2-3 simulataneous conversations within one sentance? I think I'm craving an outlet. Is Junk's Corner actually something people are interested in? I could probably fill it up every day.

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However, the game (how did the Macintosh come into this discussion ? :P ) does only use the Base texture for lod2 on statics (and above) . You've probably seen the error '... is a per-pixel material. Per-pixel materials are only.... '

I solve this by adding a 'lowres' material to my material setup only with the base texture and use that on lod2 (and above, if existent).

As all of the textures on models should be saved with MipMaps, the game will reduce resolution on textures by switching mipmaps to lower resolutions for longer viewing distances.

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Yes, because it's not true that the game crashes with 4096² textures (or anything else with 4096x...). ;) It only crashes, if your graphics card has one of the older shader models, because they only support a texture resolution of max 2048². All the newer graphic cards run fine with 4096² textures (I have a nvidea 7950gt, and it already has the required shader technique).

We also had things ingame with a 4096x... texture. They worked fine but not for those with older gfx cards :lol:

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Yeah, we did too. But for some folks you'd see some nasty colored bars across the model. Although its true that a 4096x1024 has the same number of pixels as a 2048x2048, it seemed to be the actual linear length of 4096 thats causes the problem.

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